They seem to be sure: they are doing on the Siemens-Alstom competition

The European Commission will put its statement on the # 39; joint union plan at the German railway company Siemens AG and Alstom SA, a French Wednesday competitor – German newsletters will send on Tuesday.

Photo by Alstom / René Frampe

According to reports from a press release in Brussels, the Commission will send a " Competition, which is the European Union's competing authority, has joined its counterparts against market competition rules within the EU.

He has already wondered that EB opposes two competitions because he believes that he could eliminate a market competition for railway construction and rail development, but only when Notify the decision before 18 February – MTI is writing.

In a statement made at the end of January, Joe Kaeser, Chairman of the Board of Board of Directors of Siemens, stressed that the union proposed will be; Benefits all stakeholders and "the only correct answer" is the development of companies under the control of the state in the international market. However, Siemens does not interfere with all costs, "added Joe Kaeser. He stressed the fact that the railway industry, known as high ICE trains , is more profitable, and there are other opportunities for development, such as a competition with a French competitor, also known as TGV High Speed ​​Trains.

Alstom's head also said Tuesday. Henri Poupart-Lafarge's recital in the online magazine of Le Figaro was said to be a "bad sign" to reject her; committee for a European business as a whole. He said that there would be no other attempts, and Alstom and Siemens would not now try to combine the railway industry if the Bruce had been arrested; including the plan.

Siemens and Alstom agree on their union in the autumn of 2017. Sales revenue is related to a EUR 15 billion division (HUF 4,800 billion), which is slightly larger than Half the income from CRRC Corp. which is owned by a Chinese state and duplicates Canadian Bombardier branch companies.

The union, with the support of the German and French Governments, aims to create a major European rail-maker that is capable of competing with a global marketplace of China, designed on Airbus.

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