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Totalcar – Magazine – Am BMW 1 updates on the pictures

This is BMW's first ordinary face-to-face driving, which is also marketed in Europe. Maybe that's why they're showing it so well; he is before the exhibition.

At BMW, it seems that the issue of front-of-wheel was daunting, but with the example of the Mini, and possibly the success of the first Mercedess, which led with leadership t the first wheel, we think that the majority of customers did not create a BMW because it was because of that.

BMW's hurry hasn't been a new phenomenon: since 2014, it has been possible to get Active Tourer 2, the X1 from 2015, and the X2 from 2017, based on the UKL platform, cross-section, where engine engine means a four-cylinder engine and a four-wheel drive. However, only one conventional car is provided, with technical similarities to: sedan 1, which is available only in China. This year, however, the third generation of series 1, also based on UKL, will become the starting point for BMW.

They emphasize, for example, that in designing the new one, everything was done to stop underrepresentation – to put it straight, to tend to be release. For this purpose, the ARB anti-slip solution, originally developed for i3, is used here to stop the car going out with the wheels despite it being keep going quickly. It is said that the system is part of a system of electrical therapy so that it can interact directly without loss of use.

The advantage of driving on the first road, as well as the low cost, is that good practice can be made: the same one assumes a further 3.3 inches of foot space. T 1.9 inches plus a larger 20-liter shoe.

They also tried to tell those who were concerned about the lack of performance. The highest profile, M135i Xdrive, to get a 306-horsepower turbo engine, all-wheel driving, so is not entirely slow. In fact, the six cylinders have to be abandoned, but slow to other manufacturers too, if they build a three-cylinder engine in a medium or smaller module.

On form, it is still very effective in concealing it, but it is still in a style with X2. It's good fun silhouette of a car – it is unlikely that the form would send in touch to buyers 1.

It is expected that the new module will be introduced in June and it is likely that it will be launched at the end of the summer or at the latest year of the autumn.

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