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Totalcar – Magazine – It's the Tesla Fiat in Europe

2020 will be difficult for motor manufacturers to produce about 95g / km of CO2 emissions, a lot harder than the current one, meaning less than 4 liters of fuel t . As a relief, cars with carbon dioxide emissions of less than 50 g / km are counted twice per year and with 2022 more than one multiplier. And here comes a picture of Tesla, which draws out some of its money from traditional craftsmen for zero credits.

The rules in the USA and Europe allow some manufacturers, higher than the average or carbon dioxide emissions, to produce other manufacturers' cars to produce good results. . That way, Tesla has earned over $ 100 million in income in North America – there is some hypothesis, because Zero Emission Tesla has enabled other manufacturers to stay on the market with much higher models. He bought the car, it was pretty much hit – and it is now said to have been produced as well in Europe.

With a European rule, two producers of their car emissions can average, and as the Tesla does not distribute carbon dioxide, it will be good for Fiat-Chrysler. The Italian-American company is roughly in Europe with low cost cars, and its price does not cost many of the latest diesel engines or hybrid systems suitable for consumption. was reduced. And with traditional petrol engines with low cylinders, there's no chance of getting a 4-liter average. Indeed, they are working on their own electricity models, but it is unlikely that they will be produced in time to impact on the 2020 emissions outputs.

At this time, Fiat-Chrysler has admitted that there is cooperation with Tesla what amount they pay, but his tartan is very heavy. With the worst estimate, Fiat-Chrysler cars will be able to eat 5 liters next year. This represents an average of 25 g / km over the expected 95 g / km. With a fine of EUR 95 per g / km and a car and one million cars sold by FCA each year in Europe, the fine would be EUR 2.37 billion a year, a substantial reduction in the tens of thousands of Tesla; could run out of the continent in 2020. No, it is unlikely to be unreasonable to give a sum of € 1 in the rumor of a rumor. In return, we can consider the clean Teslas as a Fiat 500s and Pandas, at least in terms of emissions.

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