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Unique sports vehicles of the 1950s

While we were on the barbed wire, our fathers and grandfathers went on a train, cycle and even in a good state, to Pobeda, the t Growing well on the west side. New factories and motorways were built, and as with the public car, sports cars have appeared, as well as impressive technical developments along spectacular designs. We bring in the ten cups and roads that had been at the top of the desire list of the gold bullies. Which girl would you choose?

In our continent, he has been kidnapped for nearly ten years from the dynamic development of the car industry. Second World War and serious devastation after that. America was, of course, less aggressive, there was a steam output in 46, and by the 1950s there were larger, faster shark-like vessels. Although it was made for export, its main aim was the remarkable growth within the USA, with the car symbolizing freedom.

With the narrow entrances and power outcomes, the 300 SL (Sport Leicht) was the image of us. Find more photos of your chosen car in the gallery, click on the image!Bottom: Mercedes-Benz

But what about other parts of the world? In Japan, a motormaster was built at Toyota, Mitsubishi and other companies, but it was still a great improvement. However, the Department raised slowly following the destruction. Italian, French and British researchers have introduced new developments. The stroke cars came to cheap, full-view models (Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV), and in the 1950s the middle-class could opt from modern limousines.

They used an aluminum body to reduce weight, especially in sports cars, but they were not trying to try plastic – until they came in Chevy Corvette.Source: General Motors

This was also the time when the NRC became involved in the process, and Bogar began a period of economic downturn. As well as luxurious cars, real dream cars have emerged as the dream of a dream, and the successes achieved by racing railways have also increased the profile of the manufacturers. Ferdinand Porsche and Enzo Ferrari, their own emblem, have spawned British, Italian and German proponents, and the world wonders – especially America, have been excommunicated until Detroit steped t enter the action area.

Four cylinders, but two cambets: Alpha doesn't have a powerful, strong and stark engine, much to spend at all cost.Bun: Alfa Romeo

1. Porsche 356 (1948-1965)

With its long tour the first set of 50s sports car is stopping at the Porsche, but the same is true for a road junction engineer. The ancient model, closely associated with VW Beetle, began with 40 small foot-horses. T then in three acts (series A, B and C), the increase was achieved, and at the top of the supply the Carrers, with Fuhrmann's power, had over 100 custodians. There were no sports wheels left, and the Americans caught up to the 356s, making 76,302.

Ferdinand Porsche was originally designed as a central engine, but this design was eventually only fitted to 550 racing machines. The sequence was made with 356 coupe and can be converted, with Speedster more funBottom: Porsche

2. Lancia Aurelia Coupé B20 GT (1951-1958)

Today, when you're slowly paddling and siege over the Lancia brand, it is worth remembering impressive designs and technical innovations. Its contemporary nature, such as Aurelia was the centerpiece, designed by Hungarian-born Vittorio Jano, in the early 1950s, not by a typical transit scenario, with tires. radical new and an independent stop (after clothes after DeDion). You don't have to say, it's a good way to keep up with your peers.

Previously, it was named after the Roman road (via Aurelia) in 3871, a high-tech time. He had a lot of updates, but the cooling mask in the shape of a shield ran aroundBottom: Lancia

What is most interesting is the limousine group of a pontoon watching under the long blows: the world's first bitter V6 device, with a hemispherical fire chamber and aluminum end cylinder. Instead of based on the spider (Berlina) versions of the limousine (exchange), however, these highs collapsed, but it is thought to be the heart of the day car supporters. out of Pininfarina Cup B20 GT – especially if it is an old age after 53, stronger, 2, 5-liter engine.

Although Italy moved to south wing traffic between 1924 and 2624, Lancia refused to move the government to the left long after that. At the same time, V6's vision was ahead of the gameBottom: Lancia

3. Chevrolet Corvette C1 (1953-1962)

The survey was proving to be a source of inspiration for a few members of the corvette fiberglass body, Harley Earl, but it was first disappointing in the car. It wasn't until 1956 that his success progressed after the nose and tail were re-established, and finally he received a manual movement. the six weak cylinders were replaced with a V8 engine. From now on, it has been very fictional: among the American barracks which is more than five meters long, it was the first to have a small sports car. the laborer in Detroit.

The first of its kind was the gale end and the six-cylinder engine. After that they changed the model a bit, got the V8 engine and got a double-colored lamp, but it wasn't made a coupe.Source: General Motors

4. Mercedes 300 SL (1954-1963)

Max Hoffmann – this is how the New York merchant, who introduced European sports cars, was called and many makers were able to cure people . He also opened an open gate at Merced when he proposed the development of a very successful W194 race car, and in 1954 the 300 SL was launched. Its ultimate car is the tallest speed of 225 km / h, the dry cylinder cylinder engine has been turned into an innovative format.

It was surprising how old age (0-100 km / h: 7.9 seconds), but it was necessary to focus on the pendulum axis. After the Sons were hunted around the world, the Cuba shipwrecks were even restoredBottom: Mercedes-Benz

A tubular construction also clearly reflected motor sports genes and Because of the high threshold, the wonderful craftsmanship, the gateways on which they were used, were all necessary. Despite his mobile control wheel, he was hard to get on board, and his cottage was very hot – these were the only treatments which made the road turn that replaced the cup in 1957. t However, it is clear that there are more versions of shield drafts, according to the German Class data, that there are some examples which look well above one million euros.

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