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Women's Basket with Euroleague: Yekaterinburg-Sopron – NSO

Welcome to our beloved reader! The basketball game at UGMK Yekaterinburg-Sopron Basket followed tours based on National Sports text, and read the summary, comment, comment on the game!

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UGMK Yekaterinburg (Russian) – Sopron Basket (17-24, 25-15, xx-xx, xx-xx) – LIVE
TV: Sport M4

Dinamo Kursk (Russian) -ZVVZ USK Praha (Czech) 84-67 (19–17, 24–21, 24–9, 17–20)


3. NO

24th: Griner until he fought with a kettle, he was Zahu's third. The American Center has thrown the two penalties. 49-41
23rd minutes: Torrens it was left empty, casting a minority. On the other hand, the first basket is in the last Sopron, t Crvendakics. 47-41
22 minutes: after destroying an attack Vandersloot throwing predictions. 45-39
The second half began.

Statisztikázzunk! The Russians throw the three points well, and six of their ten attempts were put in place. Griner rose at 11 points and 6 rebounds, Torrens receives 11 units and Macride has put 9 points in the pool.

The soprano cannot complain about tripods, particularly at the start of the game, but the current 4/9 also is good. Turner, who has already turned 13, is the commander at the same number, and Zahui made 10 points.

At home, the member should look better (it is easy to say), scattered eight times, punished by Yekaterinburg.


The first part came to an end.
20 minutes:
the other 19 seconds could not create a clean throwing place for Sopron, t Dupree so he put it right, pulling it back, throwing it back into the middle. 42-39
Sopron asked for time.
20 minutes: Griner Crvendakics joined him, and then ordered Serbia to land on the ground. Sympathy is sympathetic. The referee enjoyed it, they gave him no other way. On the other hand McBride who threw three. 42-37
18 mins: Griner it's not small, hard to keep Zahui. The USA sold both penalties. (36–35) Meesseman it was left empty and cut into three-shape. Dupree he got double. 39-37
18 minutes: surprised, Torrens destroyed three-beat. Zahura it was turned using a nice touch 34-35
17th minutes: the end of a seizure attack Turner he accused him of throwing it. The first punishment of the local governor was lost, the second went in. 34-33
16th minute: Sopron cannot currently find the rhythm of the attack Torrens, who are throwing three more. They were satisfied with the home after a fine pass Jovanović ziccerezett. 34-32
15 minutes: a late very nice activity Casas the distant dart thrown out from the corner Griner he replied with a hook. Later, again, again Griner the solution. 31-30
Fourteen minutes: he had lost almost a ball Vagyejeva and he found it in the paint. 27-28

Sopron asked for time.
Thirteenth minute: Torrens again he got himself. (25-28) Fegyverneky stopped offending twice in a short period of time, and now committed a crime.
12 minutes: their ball is lost to Sopron, t Torrens a three-time penalty. He hurt. (22–26) to Crvendakics I don't care under the psalm, thanks a lot. 22-28
11th minute: Turner he used the brochs well, throwing a light knife. On the other hand Vagyejeva location. 19-26
The second thought began.


Tuner 10, Zahui 8 points after a quarter.

10 minutes: for a long time, the Russian guards didn't enter into a clean-throwing position, not even throw the dots. The end of the first verse, follow to Sopron!
Jeka asked for time.
9 minutes: Turner He ran into the guided tour without thinking, he went in. The Hungary escaped after rest Turner I didn't need him any more. Another triple. 17-24. 8 minutes: many attackers take Jeka, the majority Griner unstable. After one of the worst errors, only one of his punishments is good. (17-16). Casas no previous concerns, after Sopron's defense was good, he will no longer be He made a mistake. BUY THE SOPRON! 17-21
Good feeling.
7 minutes: The Russians now get baskets of light McBride. It gets more and more in Sopron Zahura, this time he spent three. (16-4). After a ball home Turner started and equalized with ziccer. 16-16
Six minutes: Turner he created a conditions for himself, and not later Crvendakics he also got his first basket. 14-11
5th minutes: Griner Subscribe nearby Zahura She replied. Rohan a Jeka, Vandersloot-ziccer.12-7
4th minute: beautiful basket! Fegyverneky knocked the ball down the table beside the park Dupreenek. He got technology, McBride penalty. 10-5
3rd minute: Vandersloot With a Dupree injured twice in two attacks.
2nd minute: Zahui's consumption is too bad Griner tossing a fool with a fart, he has lost her punishment. (5-0) Another domestic trial with bad idea and good man Torrens after a good distance Zahura throwing predictions. 7-3
1st minute: at the first Sopron attack, the triplet Turner came down. On the other hand McBride he was further away. 3-0

The game started! "Gruag, Sopron!"

Start of Sopron: Turner, Fegyverneky, Crvendakics, Dupree, Zahui.
Beginners Yekaterinburg: Vandersloot, Torrens, McBride, Meesseman, Griner.

The exhibition is also remarkable, the landmark display in Sopron.

Yekaterinburg joined with the same number of support staff and similar numbers of fans as last year. The Sopron druids were not to be lost, they started five minutes before the end of the first semi-final. On approaching the first one, they are getting higher. Good feelings …


Let's start with a little last conversation! Just a year ago, the Sopron Basket held the Euroleague final. At the time (as it is now), the Hungarian ensemble won the top four, but the experts had little chance of winning a game. The Sopron Club was thinking differently, and after a hard fight, 1.2 seconds before the end of the match against Yakin Dogu, Yelena Milovanovich threw the team into the final.

In the semi-final rounds, the opponent was the Russian UGMK Ruzkaterinburg, which was even the strongest Turkish framework that he used to influence over 72–53.

One year has passed, and the four best teams in Europe will meet again in Sopron. It is even more difficult for the players to meet a "world champion" in the semifinals this year. In Yekaterinburg, Beljakova, Torrens, Beglova, Meesseman and Griner who received the finals last year, the team was then switched to McBride and Vandersloot, who then played as Yakin Dogu.

There were ones in Sopron who remembered the final, and from this frame, Alexandrra Crvendakics, Tina Jovanovics, Bernadett Hatar, Dubei Deborah, Turner Yvonne and Fegyverneky Zsófia entered the field. The person says that he remembers his life.

"It's a good thing that we can be here for the second year running and every minute of it as we don't know when it will be again. – He said Zsofia Fegyverneky.In the next few weeks we have been getting ready to play at the level and rhythm we want in Euroliga semifinals. We're only dealing with Yekaterinburg, trying to play our own game, I think we're on the right track. The semi-finals last year live in me, the ambition of every player being the same. I hope the audience will give us the same strength this year. ”

Sopron engine, Turner Yvonne last year it covered 21 points in the final, and this year he is very keen to fight.

“We want to write history, but we know that the two Russian bands are stronger and wealthier clubs. – the local manager has published our page. – But in this series we have no success in relation to more superstar, but have the best team in place. Our belief is in the last, we are talented and hard working in gold, but for success, everyone has to think and play in the team. ” T

The Yekaterinburg defense squad was only twice this season – once in the Russian competition from Kursk, once in Euroliga of Prague.

“This is interesting, but I think it has nothing to do with the Friday park Turner replied. – Because we only look at the numbers, especially the group circle, we are good, stronger than the average, because we have escaped from the Greek Olympiakos. But the parquet we look different – when we're in a strict situation, we're a big and big group. And how I have re-stressed, it may be that anyone gets stopped on a special day. ” T

FOREWORD (Friday, 12 April) t

17:00: ZVVZ USK Praha (Czech) – Dynamo Kursk (Russian)
20:00: UGMK Yekaterinburg (Russian) – SOURCE (TV: Sport M4 – live on the NSO!
TAKE SPACE (Sunday, April 14)
17:30: for third place
20:30: positive (TV: Sport M4

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