Women's handbags: Norwegian-Hungary preparing a match

The Hungarian women's handball team will play at the prestigious Norwegian Möbelringen Cup training contest: the opponents' challenge is the host. Keep up with us, follow the meeting with the Live Streaming Live Report from the National Sports Online!

Fornebu, Telenor Arena, 18.15, TV: M4 Sport

21:00: -Frain Denmark


24 minutes. The Norwegian function is only an intermediate game, but Kovacsics does not come into Klivinyinek, it's not good. Return home again. A closed view. then Arntzen you are betting, it's not & # 39; Honest judge 11-6.

23 minutes into the game. Trading for Solberg. Anna Kovács it does not worry, you'll dragging Lunda. 10-6.

23 minutes into the game. Klivinyi, on the one hand, eleven, and on the other hand, makes Solberget very well in the head, which needs to be attracted to a small extent.

22 minutes into the game. Kim Rasmussen wants time and appear unhappy. We have dropped 33.3 per cent so far, so it's hard to stay, and Vikings 76.7.

22 minutes into the game. Brattset moves to an irregular wall, we can come. Solberg Klivinyi is defended by Solberg. Then the Vikings play a & n; wall to the right, Jacobsen, 10-5.

21 minutes. It makes a mistake. Reistad is a defense judge for the property.

20 minutes. For home-to-week protection. Oftedal With clever entertainment, he'll be pushed at his & # 39; gate, and then behave.

19 minutes. The guests are thrown into the floor. Free-throw. Kovacsics gives a huge double hits! 100 points, but it does not set out goals, it was a great sign for the Vikings.

18 minutes. Arntzen it's going through and it's; Going into the cottage for the Little Judge, who has come to the gate of Hungary in the meantime.

17 minutes. Norway will crash in error, our water can come. They will get a look and Orbán will be able to go. loss of death at the edge. Fortunately, the Vikings are destroyed. Then we also …

16 minutes. TIME request.

16 minutes. Schatzl Mattola Solberget, 8-5.

15 minutes. Kurtovic is looking for, 8-4. Norway is also the newest people, Reistad on the field.

14 minutes. now Mac a 'Ghobhainn he is going to his & # 39; wall, and it's spinning a week. Then it also pushes a & # 39; penalty, 7-4.

14 minutes. Saighdear ball, Well through a scooter, 7-3.

13 minutes. Arntzen She looks at Klivinyi, she's a bit amazing, but it's 2 minutes.

12 minutes. Well to increase their Norwegian benefit from the right to three, 6-3.

12 minutes. Kovacsics you miss it

12 minutes. Klivinyi and Tóvizi come to an Hungarian team. Who is struggling for a week.

11 minutes. Rex Mészáros even 2 minutes will say.

11 minutes. We will drag to & # 39; A boat passes through the Vikings to the left, we are always in a blow late, at the end Mörk to be burned in a & # 39; cut, 5-3.

10 minutes. Kristiansen has been thrown over this time. Anna Kovács will donate free throwing. Then he ships her away.

8 minutes. Kovacsics will send & # 39; a dance on Mészáros, which was released for a week. Kovacsics The first one to the keeper, the second to the keeper, 4-3.

7 minutes. After Hungary has influenced the member, Thea Mörk it is hard, 4-2.

7 minutes. To try again, Solberg has a & # 39; pull a garden in front.

6 minutes. Lucas is injured, the Vikings can come. It's a mistake, we can come. He went quickly.

6 minutes. Schatzl gets a member, a & # 39; give a moment, a & # 39; move with the Vikings, Kristiansen rush, 3-2.

5 minutes. Kovacsics it is completely the seventh day in the left, 2-2.

4 minutes. It is a breach. For a Hungarian young player to be misleading, Bratts gets a yellow card. He did not enjoy it & # 39; Norwegian, he broke two men, stopped at seven meters.

4 minutes. Éva Kiss protects seven feet Sulland!

4 minutes. Plans are spread for two minutes and seven.

3 minutes. He did not lose the second picture, Solberg sent me out of the long corner.

2. minutes. Rea Mészáros is converting into Brattset, 2-1.

1. minute. Brattset is correct, 1-1. The picture is not good, the North can come.

1. minute. The Hunger will start a game! The stables are filled up slowly. 25 seconds to wait for their first goal, Kovács, 0-1!

Well, the teams are on the way, the songs come! A funny hymn with fun delay. There is no poor house, but the main promenade is full. Red in the national team of Hungary, bright with red shoulders, and in deep blue trousers, Vikings. We'll start soon!


In 2017, the Norwegian won the competition Russia, Hungary and South Korea. Then the Vikings beat our 29-24 men.

This is the 82th game between Hungarian and Norwegian, the permanent scale 49-3-25 here. The balance of 25 years is 5-1-14 for a handball website.

We're very good out! To call on our spot ship: "The Hungarian women's handball team in the Möbelringen Nuppon Nirribhidh competition competes with the Norwegian defensive defender Norwegian, the one who defends France and the Denmark, in a co-ordinated collection of famous players. For Captain Kim Rasmussen, the result is not important – and in two weeks he will have the European Championship in France. " We are looking forward to this, we want to work!

White Bíró (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Kinga Janurik (Érd), Éva Kiss (Győri Audi ETO)
Right shields: Viktória Lukács (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Adrienn Orbán (Kisvárda Master Good SE)
Jobbátlövők: Nikolett Kiss (Ed), Anna Kovács (DVSC Schaeffler), Planet Simonetta (Chambray Touraine, France)
Directors: Anikó Kovacsics (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Barbara Pálos-Bognár (Moyra Budaörs), Gabriella Tóth (Érd)
parking spaces: Rea Mészáros (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Laura Szabó (Ed), Petra Tóvizi (DVSC Schaeffler)
Balátlövők: Három Noémi (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria), Klivinyi Kinga (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Left wings: Anita Kazai (KKA from Dunaújváros), Schatzl Nadine (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Federal Captains: Kim Rasmussen
coach: Site of Life
Goalkeeper Coach: István Bakos

Goalkeepers: Silje Solberg (Siófok KC), Katrine Lunde (Vipers Kristiansand)
Right shields: Malin Aune (Vipers Kristiansand), Marit Rösberg Jacobsen (Esbjerg Team, Denmark)
Jobbátlövők: Amanda Kurtovic (CSC Bucuresti, Romanian), Linn Jörum Sulland (Vipers Kristiansand)
Directors: Stine Bredal Oftedal (Gyor Audi ETO), Henny Ella Reistad (Vipers Kristiansand), Marta Tomac (Vipers Kristiansand)
parking spaces: Heidi Löke (Storhamar), Kari Brattset (Győri Audi ETO), Vilde Mortensen Ingstad (Esbjerg Team, Denmark)
Balátlövők: Veronica Kristiansen (Györ Audi ETO), Emilie Hegh Arntzen (Vipers Kristiansand),
Left wings: Sanna Solberg (Esbjerg Team, Denmark), Thea Mörk (Köbenhavn Handball, Denmark)
Federal Captains: Distribution

Thursday 22nd November:
18:15: Norwegian-Hungarian (TV: M4 Sport)
21:00: -Frain Denmark
November 24th, Saturday:
17:00: Hungary-France (TV:Dune of the World)
19:15: Norwegian-Denmark
November 25th, Sunday:
16:00: Danish-Hungarian (TV: Dune of the World)
18:15: Norway-France

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