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Women's Handball: Dragana Cvijics season is a big milestone

According to Gazeta Sporturilor, the Dragana Cvijics season ended, CSM Bucuresti has a national Serbian team stopping for knee problems in the matches left by the Competition and Champions League.

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Cvijics expect surgical surgery due to their inflammatory knee pain (Pic: Tumbász Hédi) t

Cvijics has long been concerned with dysphagia, under medical supervision, but its problems have become so harsh and cannot be removed. This means that the CSM has lost another class as well as the particular football disease Cristina Neagu, and this can be a vital part of France's quarter-quarter finals against Metz.

According to the page, Andrea Lekics is in poor condition, and his bad injuries are uncertain when he can play again.

Because of the club's official website, he announced that Paula Ungureanura, who calls the team at Bucharest in the summer, will not be claiming.

“My career was a magnificent sight in Bucharest, which I am absolutely proud of. I concluded that it was time to start a further activity, but of course the CSM will remain at the heart, ”said Paula Ungureanu, who was Dunaferr's curator between 2006 and 2008 but who was also a native of t protection in Hypo, Podravka and Valencia.

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