Hurry Andrew Scheer to the power of Kevin O 'Leary's hoping to rescue Liberal Trudeau in 2019


OTTAWA – The Conservative CEO Andrew Scheer's campaign for next year's president will take some power from a businessman Kevin O'Leary, the two said on Monday Toronto.

Leary was running against Scheer for his leadership. Conservative party before he expired and supported Maxime Bernier, the main partner of the Scheer. But now O & Leary and Scheer have been involved in hoping to abolish the Liberals in 2019.

Both question and answer sessions held at Ryerson University with students and other Conservative members, showing their partnership.

"We need a new manager, we need a new government, we need a new policy. That's why it's here," said O. Leary, at the same time, to move to Scheer. "And we'll do this all over the country."

Oary Leary said the country would have to be saved from "weak, weak leaders".

"The entire cabinet is weak," he said. "It's a spatula that we need. … Imagine clean and start again."

For his, Scheer told the audience that he is keen to talk about sending a "Conservative proofing attitude" to Canada. Below, the party's second place in both public opinion bills, far ahead of the New Democrats rarely challenged the Liberals for his & her; main place.

"We'll shoot and we'll hire," said Leary on the Outcome plan for the government. "I'm so excited to find out there and make this change because I smell it. I'll change the smell of the wind."

Broker Harrison, a spokesman for Scheer, said the plan for more events will be held together.

If Bernier has been included with the relationship between the former rival and who was a supporter, he did not show Monday. He has now stopped the Conservative party, saying he is "corrupt". He said that O & # 39; Supporting a Conservative leadership bid but not his new move, the People's Party.

We will go to the fire and we'll going to be vacated

Tim Powers, a Conservative strategy and a former chairman of the Summa Strategies Ottawa company, said that if Scheer can learn from O. Leary, the Conservative party will benefit from what it appears.

"Mr. Leary is a special character. Some lessons may be learned as it is related to connecting to millennials, "said Powers.

But there are dangers in their affiliation, Powers said, as if O & Leary had to; overwhelming his advanced personality.

"Let's not complain ourselves. If Kevin O'Leary is turning on and doing this about Kevin O'Leary and making unusual comments, Andy can Scheer expended them, "said Powers.

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