Hydro One Hydro One Hydro-Electric Hydraulic Hydro One Hydro-Electric Hydro One announces political diversity by Doug Ford


Washington State Administrators say they have been opposing the Avista Corp that is being exposed. proposal for Hydro One Ltd. which says the government of Doug Ford is a political barrier to Ontario resources.

The Washington Commission and the Transportation Authority say that he received the transaction, Avista valued at $ 6.7 billion, so as not to have a public interest after it was clear that the Ontario government was willing to block its & # 39; resource.

The US ruler indicated how Ford asked to retire the position of the Hydro One CEO, and after that the whole board was abandoned, as evidence that his / her. Most willing to put political interests above those with sections.

Hydro One, which is 47 percent of the Ontario government, had been certified in the Avista agreement that the division was a remote investor who would not Emphasizing the company.

The US regulator says that the benefits promised by the contract, including credits, are unsuitable for the purpose of being able to do so. made up of the dangers of Avista customers.

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