Hydrogel & # 39; Superglue & # 39; be a change of game for serious injuries


Do you have collaborative problems? New innovative superglue style material can help to restore remedies such as laptop by using the " keep up to the level of a wounded group, and then to & # 39; Moving of repair cells or drugs to stimulate timber revival. With the development of two groups of researchers in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFL), the new hydrogel material – consisting of almost 90 per cent of water – naturally is consistent with soft appliances such as a quarter or a? wrist.

"In cases of serious injury, it is common for the surgeon to find that there is a hole in their own seashore," said Dominique Pioletti, a professor associated with the Laboratory of Biomechanical Orthopedics, EPFL, with Digital Trends. "If a cartridge extract was deleted – for example, after a serious injury to the repair, you would have to put the item, as a scaffold, into the fault. There are usually problems This material is treated for the medication and is responsible for a mechanical system such as stitches. This is a paradox because it means you need the material that you need to & Handling. "

That's not the only problem. It can be difficult to filter a soft device such as a handheld when they are inserted into a part that is a part; taking away an appliance. So, stuff that exits itself to the heat machine as an interesting and potentially changing game.

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The hydrogel developed by researchers is 10 times more acute than the other bioadhesives that have been developed for this work. Its high water content makes it more like the natural material it is designed for cure. "This hydrogel gives the benefits of most water, which allows it to be injected through a small needle and allows us to can be loaded by cells or drugs, "said Pioletti. "So cells or drugs can be stored locally where the hydrogel is applied."

At this time, researchers are developing their own gear. The next part of the inspection will include to & # 39; connect the modified hydrogel with the essential repair cells and other drugs to help with repair. We hope it will not be too long before clinical trials are made.

A paper describing the research, called "Combined biological compositions for glossing on biological areas," was published recently in the ACS Materials & Interfaces Applied magazine.

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