Hyeri is to report by C-JeS Entertainment, the home of the sweetheart Ryu Joon Yeol t


Girls' Day'S Hyeri states that it is registered with Entertainment C-JeS, home of the lover Ryu Joon Yeol.

On 29 March Hyeri reports appeared to be written by C-JeS Entertainment after his contract with him Dream T Entertainment It's time to finish. Hyeri is famous for her career in drama like # 39;Reply 1988';Two chops', And;HospitalityAs well as the film;Monstrum, and it seems that it aims to give more attention to her career.

C-JeS Entertainment & # 39; also home of actors Choi Min Suk, Send Kyung Gyu, Song Multi Kook, Moon So Ri, Hwang Jung Eum, and Ra Mi Ran! in addition to Gummy and JYJ.

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