Hygiene is the key This diary was published in Gaelic


In association with the Slovenian Health Association dental sector, a short booklet was also produced at the National Institute of Public Health. The booklet also highlighted the importance of oral hygiene and also a list of simple and effective measures to maintain and improve oral health. It is a key element in maintaining adequate oral health and oral hygiene, which means that it has tooth teeth at least twice a day. Research shows that frequency of tooth decay at least twice a day in Slovenia is higher among children and adolescents compared to adults, where it is in around two-thirds of the population, on average. be included in the booklet. t

Clans and periodontitis

Karies is the most common infectious disease. Its shape is closely linked to the presence of bacteria in toothbrushes that bind sugar from food into acids, and enamel transmission can begin.

Another disease that has disappeared in the sea bed, also associated with a dental table. Bacteria in the lining of their toothache cause an inflammation of tooth muscles and eventually destroy it (this is a infamous toothpaste), which makes it harder to remove plaque effectively t and leading on to disease. The autobiographical disease of smoking, which along with alcohol consumption, is also an important factor in the development of oral cups. e

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