Hyman Leafs stopped 2 games for Bruins & # 39; McAvoy


Toronto Maple Leafs went forward to Zach Hyman who was arrested for two games with the NHL on Sunday to stop his defender, Charlie McAvoy, Boston Bruins a previous night.

Hyman was listening to the NHL division of players' safety earlier on Sunday and indicated that they depended on that night.

Hyman was awarded a major award on the 6-3 Toronto tournament that lost Boston on Saturday night.

Check out the major events from Toronto & showdown with Boston:

The Boston Bruins in Toronto Maple Leafs 6-3 doubled a 98-minute minute-threatening game. 2:01

McAvoy had cleared his puck from his back and he looked at the play when Hyman hit him, dragging Bruins defender to the ice.

McAvoy had already lost 20 games this season with his case.

Hyman's first hang is in his role in 210-game.

Hyman gets $ 24,193.54. The money goes to the Emergency Support Fund of the & # 39; Players &

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