Hyundai Crete was honest owner of the share of car owners


The good choir declining has good equipment and excellent driving boundaries.

Blogger Yura Ozarovsky became the owner of the South Korean Hyundai Crete in the & # 39; Comfort package. The owner of the car stated that he had been in & # 39; Crete used for 4 months and decided to make a decision about this car.

Under the shadow of the Hyundai Crete that is considered a 1.6-liter gas engine with a return of 123 horsepower. It is led by a robotic behavioral box and front wheel drive. In general, Kreta's owner is very pleased with his car.

For 4 months, the blogger hit Hyundai Crete 4,800 km. From Hyundai Crete's place it's easy to do it. The use of fuel in the urban visit to the Hyundai Crete is a " reaching 9-10 liters per 100 km. In the towns around "Kreta" a & # 39; throwing 6-7 liters per 100 km.

Hyundai Crete's active list includes a multi-media display with air navigation, air, heating seats, a rear-screen camera and 17-inch wheels. Kreta's stock is huge and there is a "refuge" and a full-ranging organizer. The interior is large, and the electronic seats are electronic. According to its blogger, Hyundai Crete has a very good car. "An excellent car" to put up the owner.

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