Hyundai Kona EV may cost you less than $ 30,000


The Chevy Bolt EV may be the only competitor, with a slightly higher starter price ($ 37,495). The Kona is even more powerful than the Bolt – on paper, at least, because it is not yet out – with its electric motors, 290-pounds, compared to the 200 power power Finally, 266-pounds one step. It can also travel 258 miles per single fee, 20 miles longer (238 miles) than the Bolt can. In addition, the Kona foundation price is capable of fast DC recruitment, as well as heating sets and other features that you can not access to; Bolt but if you pay extra. It is expected that Tesla will also release $ 35,000 of the Model 3, but will not be more tax promoters the following year, since it sold over 200,000 vehicles.

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