"I always had a lot of …" Dalma Maradona acknowledged unusual!


She is the oldest daughter of Diego Armando Maradona, it is accustomed to using social networks and reporting in the most recent and most realistic way she lives daily. At the moment, Dalma She used her Instagram account to comment on her knowledge when she studied normal to be heavy.

She went to the doctor and she had to go to the doctor; carry out some control investigation, as well as several blood breeds. After the incident, his actress remembered the worst fears and fears when he came to a & # 39; haunted blood and decided to give her feelings in a broad text on the social networking network. "I do not talk about being pregnant with a child because that's why IG's experts and directors have an idea, but I want to tell you that I am today learning for I know if my diabetes is completely normal! I'm talking) and I remember I was scared to get blood and gave me a picture or a lecture! "Beginning my own message.

Then she mentioned her mother and said: "You can ask @ claudiavillafaneok the posters that I made as a daughter when I was giving me a vaccination and her & # 39: running out to the street or was not so small as a girl came to cry to get blood always with her to accompany me even though she was not so young! "

She decided to share with the webmasters, she wanted more and stated: Today the study is going to do it; Blood (for my taste of many tube), sweet beer (very sophisticated), wait for 2 hours and go back to blood (there are fewer casualties but another one which was brought out at the end) Ask me to go alone because I did the canchera and I wanted to die after trouble and fright! It was a case that there was a child, in which box that goes to the mum, a & # 39; They sing very impressive when they pulled blood and I swear that I'm going to do it; understand … I want to do the same! "Write me. I had no time to go with anyone and I was a thousand liters (a famous number 1) and I realized it was not so bad and that everyone to do their work well! I believe a thousand now! " Dalma Maradona.

Finally, he advised his followers and ended up with an incredible agreement: "I'll be a mom and I understand that some of the things that sometimes do not have a choice , when I wanted to focus, not now! I'm dying but we still do not affect the birthplace … Tapadh Thank you! All are as an excuse to tell them that they will not be afraid of anything. (I am parked, who starts to break it up there, by getting your tongue B & # 39; I can move everything), "he finished.

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