– I am afraid of what is to be seen on television


PRIVATE PRIORITY: Andreas «TIX» Haukeland became the naturalist of the main Monday party. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

OSLO (VG) on Monday, the eleventh year of the truth program is beginning, and 11 of the teenagers were involved in the first performance in Oslo.


Even before the first program of the truth program has started, a number of participants have created headlines. Amongst other things, Robin Johansson (24), who wished to be included in a program for the previous page, was charged with accused of a crime.

On Monday it was also clear that Zeinab Al-Yasseri cannot go to the party as she is not old enough. For the production company Mastiff, she was said to have been over 20 years of age, what age it could be to accept the program. It's really 19.

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This year the company is the "Paradise Hotel" 2019

Fears what's coming

If someone is going to believe the participants in the season, the coming season will be full of drama, scalallan and nudity, in a recognized style.

– There are times when I don't want to see, as I don't know what is coming. I'm afraid of what can be seen on TV, I confess to the musician Andreas "TIX" Haukeland (25), which is one of four famous looking images.

REDD: Andreas «TIX» Haukeland is one of the four renowned images to look at "Paradise Hotel". He is also in Lea Vik. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

Sweden, Bettina Buchanan, is the owner of two acts "Paradise Hotel" in the background.

– There are two or three nights that I don't remember, so it'll be so exciting for everyone else, she says and breaks out her laugh.

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Robin Treunach (24) in the Paradise Hotel – so he is involved

Result would need to be involved

Tea Kristine Broholm (20) explains that it is difficult to go into the hotel.

– It has been so bad that people have to stop because we have to stop, she says, without saying what happened.

– Sinking for buns, satan!

Here are more photos from the first Monday show "Paradise Hotel":

PART: Thea Gudmundsen.

A number of the boys who were studying previously decided on the trip to make the person responsible for the generation enough to do.

– Everyone helped challenge to challenge. I don't think I can meet that person, according to Floyd Olsen (22).

He is one thing he is looking at on the screen.

– That's when I hit the club (Vik journaln.anm.) With the front in front of everyone, he says and laughs.

FÈIS: Erik Anders Sæter and Mario Riera enjoyed their first party party. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

Denying sex

But most participants will not have sex.

– For sex, I think people will be disappointed. But I'm sure that this is the most remarkable season ever, saying Mario Riera (20).

Robin Johansson says that he has received a number of reactions to the hotel, as he is faced with a rape. But he is not worried about that.

– Every day I have a Hat. I don't care so long that it doesn't affect family and friends.

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