I am against filtering and making criminals for women: Olga Sánchez


Internal Secretary (Segob), Olga Sánchez Corderowas told Against a ban, but favor that that they do not commit crime to those women who are The staff have made the decision not to use it interior 12 weeks that the law is in force particular parts the country; He also spoke on behalf of life.

[Para estar [email protected]: Primero se tiene que atender la corrupción; luego el aborto: AMLO].

The above description in the context of Archbishop Xalapa's convictions, there Veracruzthe event, which described the event retired minister as an elective person for encouraging pencil code outstanding. In a short interview, the whistle-blowing officer said: t

I think you do not understand what you do not want to understand and you do not want to understand it: I am opposed to prevention and against women keeping away and keeping life. That is quite clear, but it is a polar subject. We see, the Church spoke about legalizing the ban; There have been no discussions about it: punishment is still being paid. "

But, he noticed 12 weeks where they are used it is not punished, “And this reduces your sense do not go to prison for women. "

He said that if there was an opportunity to achieve it a specific criminal code", There is You'll see it again, as the subject is on the Union Conference and state legislatures.

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