I bought $ 30 plus aukey books before Black Friday. Now they are sold.


Do not be like me. Last month, I bought a pair of words without wire on the strength of the words by Kathleen McGarry, our highest writer, a fitness gear, and now they are sold for Black Friday.

"In the ocean of Amazon Amazon, you would have the desire to spread over them. But these two headquarters are resistant to heat … easy to reach, easy to set, keep and sound well low. There are no stones or whistles, but what they need. "

Credit: AukeyCredit: AukeyAnd with that, she included the $ 30 teams on our list of the best phones worth $ 50. In need of some new pillows to run, I read Kathleen's recommendations and I bought the Latitude Aukey.

Now, the expectations of Black Friday's comic shoppers, Amazon's The Aukey Latitude EP-B40 sold for $ 18.49 to about 2m tonight.

I've been at Aukey for about two weeks now, so I can apply for the fine design, strong sound quality, and reliable battery life.

The Right of Kathleen: the Aukey is not overwhelming and can not see them on a resource shelf due to the uncertain design, but the company built these basic stones with one prestigious, deceitful feature: magnetic clasp. When the phones are not the ears long and long; run on training or stretching, they are tightly tied around m & # 39; neck through two stomachs at the end of each spring. I do not want to put a pair of hooks into my shirt when I go; I need to break from music while I worked.

The audio level is not protected, but the media and the altars are wide ranging, & # 39; offer the kind of detail that will allow you to enjoy your music. The basin is not very strong compared to more expensive mobile phones, but the "X" backbone Kendrick Lamar is still quite robust enough to put it on hard work 10.

And they are of course comfortable. The Aukey comes with three earrings with a logo; Cover that enters a loop to your ear-But in a good way. I'm doing a lot; Look at my races, even in the winter, but between the jumping that goes on; oppose the horrible and how they grow very supportive, I had no problem with descendants.

So, do not be like me, the person who spent money on a good gear by buying them outside the holiday season. If you need two independent bodies and do not forget middle-level audio, the Aukey Latitude will be well served. For $ 18 bucks, they would also make a large pair of supportive branches, usually. And if you want better audio quality and not be aware of gear accessories, check the Klipsch Koss FitClips KSC32, which is also on our $ 50 voluntary mobile phone list.

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