I bought a MacBook Air and Apple sent me a MacBook Pro



Apparently, it's not as good as the MacBook Pro


Some things will stay with you.

One of the very few in MacBook Air.

I've been using them since Steve Jobs started on one out of a jacket. I have been confident about it in public because they have been so simple, effective and reliable.

However, the Air has not changed in any way for a long time, and it has been reasonably surprising to have a new one ever.

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Ultimately, Apple asked. So, I had to go to an Apple store to buy a head. After that, this one would have to be better and, well, this was emotional to me.

I walked into the Apple Area store and was mixed with a salesman within seconds.

I explained that I used Airs always, I had love for them for the grace and that, sir, I'd like to buy a new one.

"Hmm," said the retailer.

Follow me with the last thing I thought: "When people say, I like to show them the MacBook Pro."

"But, look," my voice inside. "I just want to buy the new MacBook Air."

He did not hear it. Instead, follow it: "You see, with its MacBook Pro, that you're getting a better computer."

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"There's a better process, so it's faster," he said. It was said that I was very happy with all GigaHertzes, but this was all very difficult.

I admit that my mind is going to go when it was. Talk about graphics cards and other numbers that I did not get well. Because I had to & # 39; get some fright.

"And all this for just $ 100," he said.

And all this when asked me Can I buy the new MacBook AirSouth Westerly

Find my own flummoxed for a few seconds. Then I asked what was similar to the & # 39; A clear question: "Is there anything better about the air?"

"Well, he'll get two more times of battery life and it's lighter," he said. And then, if I had not sold it, it was sold completely.

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What is really true for me is that a laptop is light and its battery lasts longer than the one that is; at present.

The salesman Pro was not made.

"But the Sky is not much light," he said. "Behold, try to raise their two."

I did and, indeed, I was already registered to believe that the air would be lighter. Much lighter.

I'm not sure I've ever realized how enthusiastic, enthusiastic as I was trying to buy something different from me from the one I wanted.

It was not an unpleasant conversation here. It was just weird. It was like the MacBook Pro today was special and would have to sell it or it would go off.

"You clearly want me to buy Pro," I said. "Why?"

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"I just think it's a better value," he did not repeat, not to have an impact on it. He said he had to understand whether the air was satisfied with m & # 39; needs, but left to hang on its & # 39; The impact of my needs was not right.

"You know what?" I said, to stop it with the hope of going to # 39; low tension. "I like the Air, yes."

His head fell down slightly, as if he had been refused for a date. It was not even found even though I wanted 8GB or 16GB of memory. He accepted the 8 and needed the revival order.

Probably, is our mind, we are & # 39; Using lower Air users, priority types that do not need much memory.

I am afraid, however, that it is a long memory that holds us to We buy MacBook Airs. We remember how well & # 39; they were always

I do not know how this Air compares to the classical classes I have been on; used for some time.

But I'm sure about one thing: I have never bought MacBook Pro. Just, you know, because.

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