"I can not believe"


Wednesday morning at 10:30 stroke, the silence was in the streets of Ohain (Lasne). Silence full of sadness, sorrow and awareness. June, one of the victims of the event that took place this weekend in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, was held at Saint Etienne's Church in Ohain.

The family, their relatives, but also students from Aquarius (Wavre) where June was registered, were students from Berlaymont (Waterloo) where June was famous. Watducks members went to church for good wishes.

Responding to more near the family and the people gathered on Wednesday, the father of June added
: " I would like June, my little member of love, to stay in your memories for an advanced, funny, and joie de vivre, not for this disaster. Remember June like that, I like my sweetheart. "

" I can not believe it, I still have a problem explaining what happened ", he told his sister.

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