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Taiwan's specialized telephone sales list was named in October. (Photograph by reporter Liu Huiqin)

After launching three new Apple models from Apple, which was launched in Taiwan in September and October, a mobile phone market show in Taiwan has become apparent. In terms of monthly sales performance, he broke even 600,000 in October. The record is the tallest record to date this year. Not only did the mobile market move move, but also dropped the one-stop hot selling department, sales market division and sales market department, once again restoring a new wave.

According to the report "Comparison between premium prices", the most recent retail sales report issued by the regulator was 640,000. market sales of Taiwan's mobile phones in October, compared to 540,000 in September, a growth rate of 18%. Amongst them, especially Apple's latest model, the biggest iPhone XS Max is the largest Taiwanese fruit powder, the king is the best single-channel device; at present.

Named Taiwan and October telephones list were named, and six new XS, XS Max and XR main iPhone seats and the old fashioned price cutting device. (The picture is taken from the king price comparisons)

The best OPPO AX5 Android phone is in the midfielder mode, and # 39; shows the full screen of 6.2 inches, the additional 4230mAh power, plus an estimated 8,000 people who find people, and # 39; jump to hot list Dà.

Among the top 10 hot-selling mobile phone sets, the three Apple iPhone "Liu Hai" devices and the old fashion reduction models have won the benefits of winning six sets. In particular, the iPhone XR was not a 6 吋 LCD screen, after its official launch on October 26, but less than a week, and its first time to enter the list, b & # 39; This is the fifth in the sales list. The new dark horse at Apple iPhone.

real iPhone XR device

Three major iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are listed this year, Taiwan's sales performance is a very popular, (Apple's website, Liu Huiqin's reporter)

With regard to the three other mobile phones on the rare list, the Androdi midfielder modules are largely included: OPPO AX 5, Samsung J4, ASUS ZenFone Live L1, and OPPO 15.

Amongst Android's current flagship modules, the largest ones that are currently in Android; You still enjoyed Samsung Note 9, October's sales just September, currently 12 years. Second, SONY XZ3, level 33rd, is the basic device that suits its market.

Taiwan's most populated mobile phone market is the latest in October; the largest market of Apple's markets is 30.4%. (Source "king price prices compare"; reporter Liu Huiqin system records)

In addition, in the market department of the main mobile phones, b & # 39; First places to fourth place: Apple 30.4%, Samsung 17%, Asus 10.5%, OPPO 8.9%; although the rates have not changed since last month. Also, however, only an iPhone sale has grown, and won the competition with a market share of up to 30.4%. In addition, SONY mobile phone sales were also received again in October, with 5.4% of the 5.2% market share of Huawei,RankingOn its fifth position.

In the mobile phone sales department in October, the top five brands were in order: Apple 67.3%, Samsung 10.1%, OPPO 4.5%, SONY 4.4% and Asus 4.3%. With the Xperia XZ3, the new flag of SONY's new flag in the second half of the year, after its official launch in early October, it promoted a total SONY mobile phones, a & # 39; over Asus.

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