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▲ The driver's yuan can not wait for the pre-paid payment for the Taitung Railway, and jump to stop the colleague's salary and holiday hardship. (Photograph / Reporter Xu Wenbin, only for prompt, non-party use)

Reporter Cao Yuehua / Taipei Report

In October, the Taiwan Railway was cut off from the "Yuan government without statement", and the driver was cut off. Today's (22nd) "ETtoday News Cloud" received the wind driver and broke the news, which showed that the 36 were removed. Long-term payment per hour, the loss of at least 8,000 yuan, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of "Laoji Law", the salary exceeds 200,000, more than 33,000 basic salary and an average of 10,000 long-term premium payments, that compensation is unreasonable.

The driver showed that the Taiwan's 33K new passenger monthly monthly salary wage, and over 70 hours of premature time per month (which included 36 hours of dialysis outside the rest of station team) and tax travel costs, pay 56K, and it's Further development The premium pay money is 70 hours, which includes serving a 32-hour weekend and a 36-hour outdoors team; home, plus 2 hours of shift control, equivalent to saying that if you lose 36 hours of money, you will lose half of each month. Pre-paid payments, almost 10,000, are great for driving.

Follow the driver, plus his / her; Unreasonable pay was too unreasonable, the holiday also said that the driver can only take four or five days a month, and must attend Saturday. There is also a rule that can not wait for two days if the driver. If you want to take a break, you will use the next day's "way of death". Pre-paid payments will be made, which is very unreasonable. He only has the option to say that the basic salary is too slow too. If a performance appraisal is given, it can only add 500 yuan to the year, which is not so easy for new people.

▲ ▼ 莒光 号, Taiwan Railway, Luodong Station, platform. (Picture / Reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

▲ The oldest driver, Wu Changzhi, said the driver is very hard, and it is unreasonable to take the rest of the flying attendants. (photo / reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

In response to the above report, the reporter "ETtoday News Cloud" requested a Wenxuan single-unit team leader and senior driver Wu Changzhi to prove that it was very difficult to see a new salary environment , in particular a & # 39; eliminating the driver's station passengers. After the rest of the salary, it is even more unhealthy for young people who are ill; begin to support their families.

Wu Changzhi explained that there are currently around 1,400 driving in the Taiwan Railway. There are about 30% living in the old people, middle and youth. After the team was suspended, they lost 8,000, 10,000 and 12,000 dependents. 10,000 out, he believes that although there is no clear legal provision for this rule, it has been implemented from government time. Suddenly, it will surely cause revival. But he said, according to trusted sources, that the Minister of Transport has said There are regulations for implementation, but if the 25th colleagues are still receiving a premium payment , will be inspected on the 26th in continent to show dissatisfaction.

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