"I decided to graduate from Sony," the Chairman Hirai is retiring from her post as director of Bloomberg. T


Sony announced on 28th the day that the Chairman Hirao Kazuo will become the director. The management team now lead as a senior adviser from the Sony group from now on.

Mr Hirai explained the reason for leaving the director, saying that their ruling, following the retirement of the president and the CEO a year ago, was making good progress. "I am sure the management team and staff are uniting and that there is a system in place to make the Sony company better, and I decided to graduate from the Sony company I spent 35 years," he said.

Sony Corp. Conference.

Mr Hirai who rated “Sony”

Photographer: Akio Kon / Bloomberg

Mr Hirai became president in April 2012, immediately after the company had registered a net loss for four continuous terms. We worked to rebuild our rebuilding business, which had gone down as a result of the drastic television industry, and was continuing with structural reforms such as sales of businesses and decision making. Operating income for the fiscal year ended 31 March, 2018, reached the sixth year of the president, the first highest of 7349 billion in 20 years. In April 2006, he transferred his management team to Kenichiro Yoshida, president and CEO, and retired as chairman.

Mr Michi Izumi, senior reviewer at SBI Securities, spoke about Mr Hirai, and while there was a call to withdraw from the hardware in the market when he took up his post, he said, I have made the basis for. I believe that the results will be evaluated as they come out. "

Yuuki Toki, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) will be appointed as director of the General Practitioners General Meeting held on 18 June. The chairman of the board of directors will be Shuzo Corner · Chair of Tokio Marine Holdings.

(Mr Hirai's achievements and auditors' comments were added.)

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