"I did not visit the child once, money made blood to pay the debt"


He was 7 years since he was murdered by Le Van Luy at the Golden Bock shop (the street, Luc Nam, Bac Giang), we have the chance to return to this place and give evidence to his & # 39; life "revival." Back.

The house was once a murder, the sign "Ngoc Bich gold and money" still hangs up. However, now the house is not sold for gold and money but is used to sell a school provision.

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

Ngoc Bich silver silver still hangs on the house to make the sentence 7 years ago.

The person who uses the house is related to the victim. When asked about a new life, despite her & # 39; wife in hand, do not remember the old man. Depending on our understanding, a fortunate girl escaped after the death of seven years ago was moved to the south side and lived with a stranger.

Leaving the busy street, we will move to Thanh Lam commune (Luc Nam, Bac Giang), where Le Van Luy's relatives live. Across the People Thanh Lam Commune Committee, in the old downtown house, Truong Thi Thom sits alone; make gold, inside the second brother of a user who watches the television.

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

Road to the home where Le Van Luy's lonely parents are coming to an end.

Compared to three or four years ago, Thom was more interesting when dealing with people, but from his face to the eyes she was always tough. She said she and her family had returned to live here over two years. Her everyday work is to do her & her; code, the crop is in the field of rice, growing crops.

Before that, when her husband, Thom (Le Van Mien) and his son Le Van Phuong were introduced to the workout, she was suffering from a serious psychological disorder. After that, she and her two sons needed to move to foreign countries for a long time.

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

One house with two walls Le Van Luyen once, now she is making a knit code.

Mrs. decided to. Thomson was the worst time; her. See where she needs to be sealed so that she can not find anyone that she is a mother of Van Van, and her grandchildren are not happy to attend her. wedding. Her second son had to go out of school to work as a profession because she could not stand the words, eyes of everyone.

In September, 2015, when her husband has finished the revival of her normal life, now she has been helped by something. Later, she and her husband and two children returned to their old home.

When we return home, the house is retired, and & # 39; leaves smell because of their living no longer, it's a? takes a long time to access his "life" family.

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After more than two years in the house he was not as wary, bare.

"My husband was very happy in the past, but since he went back to work, he did not speak much and was not as coherent with his Everyone. On the construction work, I'm dark about helping me to make code products. I and I still work independently, we have to try, who's and what; Thinking that now? Now we have to make money to pay large debts and our food for the youngest children, "she said.

His second son is currently working in Bac Ninh, but he is not willing to marry his family. In terms of her, Ms Thomson said that her daily work is to create code articles to earn a living and take money to pay debts.

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

Mrs. Thomson had to learn a long time to make knit …

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

… so far, her legs are still hit due to the cuts when they are; weaving.

"I have to go to school for a long time to do this. In general, this work is not, short, hands and legs cut off the whole blood. But now there are other options, age and then do staff, but do not find what pays debt you should try, "she said.

During conversation with a & # 39; Mrs Thomson, when she talked about her eldest son (Le Van Luyen), spoke a little while and told her in other stories. According to his words, from court training, (in Nghe An), she never visited her children.

Le Van Luyen I do not want to see you again.

Although he is very happy to visit the child, but the psychological burden and money do not make her still meet her son of the day of the crime.

"The road was so far away that my family had no money, so I put a few things for customs. Now I just hope it's updated well, think of the wrong things that I have done, regrets to return to be human, "she said.

A description of the victims' family on Soi Floor, Ms Thomson said: "It's not a careless person, I want to meet them for abusing, but ask them not to agree. The compensation we need to send to the authorities is moved.

It is the greatest desire; Mrs Thom does not have her two younger brothers been feeling longer with her brother's actions, trying to live well. On my own, Mac always remembers "the wild baby" and she will do everything to get over the work done.

On 24 August 2011, in Pho Son (Phuong Son, Luc Nam, Bac Giang), a robber was reported. Le Van Luyen who was a & # 39; A project victim (who was not yet 18 years old) was experiencing a & # 39; from the second floor of the Ngoc Bich gold shop for stealing things.

When it was discovered, the lungs killed two brothers and 18 months of a patient, injuring a 8-year-old girl. After the crime, the customs were arrested by the authorities. However, according to Vietnam's law, due to the offense under 18, Le Van Luyen was convicted to 18 years at the latest.

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