I didn't lose any of the things that opened Erdogan & # 39;


Kılıçdrawğlu: To date I have not lost any of the issues opened by Erdogan

CHP Kemal Kılıçdrawçlu, "We expect to receive the results. Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Mersin. We don't care about it. This view shows us all. all. " said the priest. "I haven't lost any of the issues opened by Erdogan until now. But I brought it to ECHR. The Constitutional Court decided in my favor," said Kılıçdrawğlu, "They have changed the heads of the courts." There is no need for a witness, but what they were convicted was judged, and they all returned, "he said. T

WALL CHP Kemal Kılıçdrawğlu director of Nazli Celik responded to the programme's questions. Kılıçdrawğlu, "Turkey is a rebel organization from being formed to celebrate their livelihood, and he can't be so foolish! You are trying to frighten the country. T Beka's problem is another thing, if you take a country out of a fruit the problem of those who survived will come out of it

Kılıçdrawğlu, criticized for collaborating with the HDP and for co-operation in city council membership in some places, said, deki Not all state facilities are in hand? I see MIT, my safety commitment, if there is one. Where do they go with the ''


CHP Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş says that the media has been broadcast live in the media, but Yavaş's response, as well as the media working on the Kılıçdarollu prejudice.

“It's not true. The person saying that he is schizophrenic is also eating molester. What statement do you trust? Many times before he came up, he took her in and so none was right. Why is it being built now? As Mansur Yavaş is leading and selected. They went out in a panic, but lived in Mansur Yavaş. The Ankara people pass over Mansur Yavaş. Mansur Yavaş is a rightful, moral and wealthy person. He was Mayor. To make special interests, follow specific interests, use public resources for themselves, their family or their children … What sort of traditions does such a tradition have? It is a strong and strong friend of L's moral structure


Indicating that the population has increased and unemployment has increased, Kılıçdrawğlu, em e built up with the CHP, the HDP and has collaborated with the Nation Alliance. Know the importance of your seats, brother. This seat is not a usual seat. You are not the President once, you are the leader AK. Is it speaking like a president? No, leader of the party is AK. It needs to be neutral to become president. The constitution says that Anayasa.

Kılıçdraw, or, of the meeting he had met with Ahmet Turk in November, was asked about his question about whether or not a speech had been made about the selection process. Ahmet Türk Bey had an address. It is possible that the elections were not on the timetable at the time, now I haven't remembered it has been a long time. No such partnership is anything

Kılıçdrawğlu, who lives in this country, has a name on the electoral list, his vote for the game, people who vote for the party they want. We don't blame the people of the country for saying, "Why did you vote for that party?" Then we are our citizens, 'This is found in Turkey's economy records, this is unemployment; the country ran out for 17 years. Put your hand into your conscience, use the game then and say that we are aiming for the game


Kılıçdrawğlu, Celik, ”President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the blight of the abuser, described as ç Erdogan and Chair of the MHP Devlet Bahceli, led by CHP and HDP, said he was" neglected ". -model.

“I'm not interested. They both try to win votes on their call to pray. Azan is a call that every Islamic world is accepted and we all respect. Lots of people who wrote the paper supported power and made a public statement. Many different environmental conditions are not opposed to police violence against each other. I asked my friends. No-one has the right to worry about calling them to pray, so no beer can be processed in our country. Placing a complaint against the transfer of policemen as a distraction to the ezana Polis is a sign of uncertainty alone. Elseık Where can I use to vote? ', Starting here and doing something. It is not true. He was unhappy that Ezana would suffer? Did the procurator fiscal? No, there is no disrespect. There are also thousands of women out there. Put your hand on your conscience. Let's say 2 people are dishonest, blaming thousands of women. A small conscience, human morality. They may include people of different faiths. It's not right to worry every woman being angry with you. Voting should not be as cheap, politics should not be resisted. Especially in a person who does not know the weight of his career, he should not comply with these cheap scripts. H


"You YPG isn't a threat to Turkey?" Kılıçdrawğlu question answered:

'I could tell you there. I said on that television show; G Who will attack you, who is a YPG? There's no terrorist group since it was set up; keep their interpretation alive. He can be so foolish? You're trying to frighten the country. Beka's problem is another one, they're not wise. Removing countries from representation will make the problem of those living out. What it means

Kılıçdrawğlu said that criticism of imports was made with straw, cotton, wheat and some fruit, that the empire was forced to sink the Ottoman.

Binali Yıldi asked Party AK's opinion on the claim to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Istanbul Kılıçdrawğlu, the difference between the AK Party, the young, dynamic and dynamic city that won success for applicants.

Kılıçdrawğlu, the question about why you are not naming the question, showing that there is a successful mayor in a town with his friends as a candidate, saying: We are introducing a new way. We carry the successful one to the Municipality of the Municipality


The President in 1948 accused you of not leaving the seat. If you don't get the results you are expecting from this election, do you intend to stop the leadership? Then on the question Kılıçdrawğlu, “What is your success grade for this election? Unuz What did the city do? As it goes out of it, as the citizen has cut off the bread of the poor poor. He shouted to me "Mr Kemal." Mr Kemal is not easy. To become Mr Kemal, you first need to be honest, not respectively. You should let your son know at the end of the morning and say, is Son saving you the money? Sabah It is not easy to make Mr Kemal. Erdogan is easy to attend. He has a special jargon. They walk in another series, we don't walk in that series. We respect the people, we respect the people, I respect my brother AK's brother. I don't care anyone. But I don't eat haram. To be Mr. Kemal, you should not eat mince. We will receive the intended outcome. T We include Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, and Mersin. There are no concerns. The atmosphere, the society and the range feature all of our truth. T


Kılıçdrawğlu, Kılı said we will take the places I said. All the data shows this. There is a bitter noise from that. We take responsibility for the people, with the will of Allah. We're doing this country to be true. See urban cities, regional and regional areas; there is life; people in peace; There is fun, there is a culture, there is art. He is not hungry on bed, ”he replied.

Can you change the system if you buy in three cities, or can the early elections be on the agenda? ”Said Kistel Kılıçdrawğlu, ald. This is a local election. We are now locked into local elections


The party said the picture, taken from the chair in front of President Ewan's poster, of women's food in the bin further, was that Remaining Kılıçdrawğlu money was needed in memory of the need: t

That woman said, it's not a woman. She is a poor woman and she collects it. They found that one, "I have gathered," he said. You don't look forward to you once. I wouldn ‟t appear against her. Hundreds of thousands of people gather food from the rubbish, collecting nylon and collecting food.

Kılıçdrawğlu, the woman in the photograph has reached the question of whether that person is Yesp Yes. He didn't tell the papers about her. In fact, he would say that he would not say, he didn't say the right to poverty that he did not, he didn't find the right explanation.


Kemal Kılıçdrawğlu, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: t

They changed the boundaries of the courts where these cases were recorded. Why changed them? They took other judges there. Conviction for compensation. They did not even consider the evidence. They said, "There was no need for proof." They gave him a great reward. All this will return. If there is justice in this country. I don't know the others. He will be back from the Upper Court. So far, I haven't lost any of the issues opened by Erdogan. Except for one. I took it to ECHR. The Constitutional Treaty decided in my favor. The Constitution Court has also issued my claim for not claiming time. But we installed it all the time. I think I will be quiet here, by issuing a great fine for their judges by recording for compensation. I don't close up. I am Kemal Kılıçdrawğlu. I mean, Mr. Kemal. I am not kneeling before someone like that. I know the truth all over the place and in every place I say. I work for the country

Kılıçdaoğlu said the case was standing, saying he was as sure as the result. Kılıçdraw ,lu, judges who were afraid to gather evidence, would in this case decide otherwise.

Referring to fellowship; KATH Kılıçdrawğlu party, Turkey politics, he said that the structure was. One of these organizations is in the form of those who are the victims of democracy and those who are anti-democracy, Kılıçdaoğlu stressed that it is vital for those who want to be together to have democracy.

Kılıçdardoğlu, BEST Party, Felicity Party and CHP protect their democracy, though, while their political views are distinct from the general democracy, he said. (Istanbul-AA)

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