"I didn't understand the words of Jardard. Challenge with Ronaldo in the Champions League; I miss him in Spain


She will then return to Argentina's national team and will happily complaining the complaints "a devastating generational attack between Barcelona and the present and the future with Cristiano Ronaldo: t Leo Messi breaks the summer and makes it without banks, in an extended interview with TyC Sports.

on Argentina: "This generation has been abused, we are professionals who have given so much to Sellcion. You don't know how many times the last time the Maracana has fought against Germany. … we had… if we had just sold smoking, but be reasonable: it's long time to go back to power, but I'm not sure that we will return again to be strong: I want to win something with the apriceleste ".

The difference between Barcelona and national performance: “Barça has that philosophy since he was born, and in the national team no players are appropriate for that game or not enough to train that philosophy. In Barcelona we always train in a way, it's not easy to raise national awareness ”.

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Ability to end an Argentina career: “I would like to play in Newell, this is the team I support as a child and I don't know why I support the River. But it's not easy to go back to the Argentina, I have to think about my family and my children. They are also responsible for them. "

On Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus: "Who is the best in the world? Neymar, Mbappé, Suarez, Aguero. Did I forget anyone? Ronaldo hasn't escaped him and I am honest. I miss him in Spain. be good to compete with him even though he was angry at the time when he wins "a headline and it would be good to be here again." Meet him in the final of the European League. Think about going there, then we see who is going to do it. I have a great respect for Juve, a great team, bigger with Cristiano. "

On Icardi, who tells of the last popular games about new and developing weather in the national team, weather that had not been recognized before: t “Together I played a couple of games, I think. I don't know what happened to him that the organization had had problems with the previous national team. I don't know what he wanted to say.

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