"I do not like anything." The jury spokesmen killed the Dancing Party!


It was a black night; for its partner. She stands for her other but her dancing goes to her; leaving a lot to talk about it. At this time he returned to break down and got a very low score, the lowest level of the ninth level of 2018 Dance. It is about it Emerald Miter, the partner did not keep overcoming the jury's demands and suffered the effects.

Like the previous rhythm, Esmeralda got 5 points and the worst return of all the juries. A & # 39; The first one who criticized Brito's gel: I do not want dad. I do not like the choreo. Dirty tricks, I do not see they are & # 39; grow as a team, the journalist told a party and put it wrong 2.

In the turn of the jury's wife, Laurita Fernndez was sent to her; First suitable: It is a rhythm that is very difficult for non-dancers. They had a lump before they started. I saw you tight. I do not like it, the dancer said a secret ballot. Then, Florencia Pea said: La Bachata is very hard and something was wrong. It failed from the beginning. You came so hard to the situation and left the Batch out, it would return to & # 39; his actress, and sent her a certificate with 4, the highest score of the sailors.

Emerald Miter

Finally, Marcelo Polino was very important: more than back, they resemble medical parts. He saw ugly. I do not like anything, tell the storyteller of the exhibitors and classify them with the worst, 0. As if that were not enough, the famous one got back to the BAR and got Another slap, he identified the weaknesses of his / her; Someone and she put her thumb, in total got 5 points, a score to make sure that the sentence and the duel.

It should be remembered that the Mitre partnership ranged from top to top, and leaving her an extraordinary dance, she has no talent, but in her final chambers she gave a new preview: singing, something that is similarly co-operative to the rating, but hurts her by the jury, from Several members of the podium, who have regard to the previous exhibition.

Look at the Mim Emerald Design:

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