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The game was delayed six hours after sinking from a national winter sports field. The most popular people of the PyeongChang Olympics have been just a year ago.

Journalist Ha Seongryong.


Water is flowing from the top of the ice-drain in Taerung, and water is watering; Collect in the ice line as well as the way where the athletes are relaxing.

The snow will allow the previous day and the water will pour the space created on the top of the playground.

Due to the short time, two games have been delayed by winter winter speeds.

I covered the vinyl over time to prevent damage to the ice, and the water surface from the top reaches half the way 400m.

The Gangneung Icecream, the latest resource in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, has been closed for one year since the government and Gangwon Department have been overwhelmingly overwhelmed; estimated operating profit of around 3 billion won.

At the end, & # 39; It is the only stadium available in the country of the Taerung Ice Rink, and the skip was opened as the old facilities, which were nearly 20 years old, were not properly repaired.

[유동훈/의정부중학교 스피드스케이팅 선수 : 좀 어이가 없는 것 같아요. 빨리 다시 고쳐지거나 아니면 스케이트장이 좀 좋게 하나 생기거나, 선수들이 훈련할 수 있는 환경이 잘 만들어졌으면 좋겠습니다.]

It was also a problem of the sporting society and the government.

The Sports Council of Korea (KCTU), which was The first experience of the ice page in Taerung was in August last year, and # 39; take a wonderful time to get a waterproof vinyl cover on her & her; top of the place of full scale repair work. I lost Gold Time & # 39; to repair the roof of the sun.

In less than a year after the Olympics, the players were put into a hard environment.

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