"I don't know what to do …" A suggestion in a trial


A trial by a singer Jung Jun-young (30), who is accused of illegally filming and distributing sex videos, will be investigated by the prosecution.

The center of the Seoul Police Group's police policing center will contact Erg Joon – a young man, who is charged with violating the Special Penalty Act on Sexual Offenses.

He is accused of filming filmed videos on the KakaoTalk speak room with the impact of the Big Bang (Lee Seung-hyun · 29).

Jung is said to have shared videos and pictures with his contacts on several occasions, including bringing sexual images to the attention of people at KakaoTalk's chat at the end of 2015.

Police have confirmed that gung Joon-young has filmed illegal records on 11 occasions.

Kim Burn, an employee in sunburn, who was arrested along with Chung Joon-young, will be handed over to the prosecution for prosecution. T Kim is also charged with sharing illegal videos in a discussion room with Chung Jun Young and others.

The impact and Ji-hoon (29) of FT island were also arrested suspected of illegally sharing images and the police are investigating it.

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