"I don't see heaven. Living without cigarettes is a tradition. But I have a responsibility for those who like me."


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SABATINI: "THE PARADISE AND RECEIVE A PROPERTY" – Former sports director Giallorossi Walter Sabatini talking only Linn 19th Century # 39; publish unpublished information about it illness, of Coma and he knew through those terrible days:

"a & # 39; my body had been sensing symptoms for me for years. That Saturday I had to flee for China, if I could get that plane dead. On a Friday night, between a cortisone in veins and anxiolytics, they put me down a little. But my last message has been to exchange messages with Osti. PoI went out of sight. Even today, for a while, I don't know what happened or the drugs did not believe. "

"When my body has decided to go out and leave a bit out of the member, it won't be Ferrero gave me a long time ago from Genoa. But my professional commitment has always been encouraging and I haven't been to some of the times I have suffered. Another thank you to the other one Samp, the team. When I woke up, I found good news, about the effect. I told the players that they are very sorry for them. The influence of Bergamo, for example, caused in depression in my mind, renewed me t wake up".

Sabatini he then told him how he misses the smoking of those cigarettes which had a daily ritual, but above all that he could see through his companion:I take 15 slabs a day tranquilizers for smoking because there is no minute of the day when I don't think about cigarettes. Mist was affecting my life, every smoke that was smoking that I had lovely was lovely for me t cigarettes. One is without one tragedybut I am responsible for those who love them. As long as I was in there I think I had seen it heaven. It was like a supermarket. Now I would like to see the football parade in May with Sampdoria ”.

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