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Teachers' editing simple errors … with apology to family … "Review of charges regarding editorial control charges
The Roh Moo-hyun Trust refuses to apply … Review the Democratic Party "Honorable Millennium Authority"

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Lee Seung-woo, the Press Association of Korea, said: “In our information booklet on the Korea capabilities test due to be published last August.

The officer asked him to proceed with the apology for 22nd and was involved in finding out the trial book, but Roh and his passport have taken strong steps. T , including the review of legal proceedings.

This happened when a page photograph showing the picture was uploaded up into the internet community 'Dish Inside & 39'; Modern History Modern Basic Book Korean.

The illustration is a collection of Roh's face on the face of the drama drama Chuno & 39; was completed in 2010.

There's a description of the picture of runaway notion stabling, but the well was not for drama; and did not show the copyright holder KBS. This picture was posted as a reason for Roh's mockery on a community site called 39 'Ilwane Best (Ilbo)', an independent community site called 'Daily Best Post'; the corner of Dish Inside.

The officer said that he asked for an apology for his error and he ordered that all examination books be collected and destroyed. Readers who have already bought this book will be reimbursed immediately.

The officer said, "It is a simple error," by the editor, in the official apology on the Internet homepage. "

He added, "I love to visit my family and the Roh Moo-Soun Foundation, and I will report on the apology."

The editor replied that the company had downloaded the complex drawing from the blog of the page, and said it was a simple error.

However, some commentators suggest that this error is not readily seen, in the disclosure house for around six months, as a simple error by the editor.

In a case of photographs taken in commercial publications, it is common practice to pay payment of pay in line with the copyright holder and work to identify sources in detail.

The academy decided that it had decided to edit the editors of the accident in Yonhap News and to hold the conversation firmly.

In future, it will decide what level of control to open the committee committee itself.

Foundation Roh Moo-hyun and the Democratic Party, including their packages, have started on more rigorous responses, including reviewing legal responses and urging inquiries by authorities.

In particular, academy officials visited Roh Moo-hyun Foundation on the morning of the day and delivered the apology, but the foundation refused to accept the apology and sent it back.

Democratic spokesman Lee Yong-sik said in a written message, "A school teacher's book previously printed by President Roh Moo-hyun has been a danger." that the authorities should go ahead.

Roh Moo-hyun Foundation officer in News Yonhap said “Making excuses is no longer a situation,” he said.

The professor has published a history diary that was engaged in a postal conflict in 2013,

In the textbooks there were many New Light opponents, and they were different from the history books.

At the time, the correction of "the correct one-sided color on the left" was assessed as "the correct one-sided color", but opponents in the right were also Against the opportunity for the left as a "pro-Japanese dictatorship", both conflicts and social controversy continued, since the publication of books in books, the government has been experiencing a lot of trouble. try to compile a collection of national history books.

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