"I feel I need to educate a child that is not as good …", and # 39; show a well-known guest


There has been feminism for decades, as early as 1900 writers such as Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir no Alfonsina Storni. But in the last few years he has been getting so much of her; information as a result of the movement of movements such as Me Too and actresses who started talking and trying free work from sexual violence. The wave moved and many media began to talk about the issue and the issue.

Karina Mazzocco One of them. The famous hospitality was visited by Cort√° for Lozano, where she talked about the subject and showed what kind of education she wants to give her son, Malek (12), his sweethearts to Omar El Bacha. "I want and I feel I need to educate a more and more aware child, and we also need a princess's daughter and stronger women to attack, "she told Vero Lozano.

"That's why these new generations are transmitted and scratched in a different way, and I believe it. When I come with my sister, I learn so much from them. it's not going to happen in life-only situations we've spent, "a & # 39; follow Mazzocco, is greatly moved by the contribution of young people and particularly optimistic for the change.

Then, he explained the differences between machism and females, some words that indicate how they are the same as within; out all species. "Feminism and machism are different things, it has happened to me for a long time that they were the same and that they are not horrible, it is a machism of a male culture, a culture that I'm a daughter and so you are. Women who fight for their rights, "he explained. the driver.

"In the two years I made Pura Vida, every day, on a Public TV, I worked with a journalist that was specialized in sex and I learned the differences Yes. And I found myself as a male, "he said. "But I'm women flexible. I like to tell me how to recommend the street, when something is good. But there is also a new generation that can not be added," said e. Karina.

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