I fell, I was scared he did not see the face of life


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Phan Ngoc Luan told her to be a relative feeling of Vinh Hung Dam.

On afternoon 21.11, to participate in a conversation show, the singer Phan Ngoc Luong wave composed his two-dimensional feelings with Dam Vinh Hung.

Previously, when that was done The 2012 voice, Phan Ngoc Luan was led by Dam Vinh Hung on the team. After their competition, b & # 39; He is the male singer "King of Vietnam's support" support, special help for making art.

Later on, Phan Ngoc was separated from his company. Events lady and alone. There is a lot of truth that there is a conflict between the two who are leading to emotional.

On the afternoon of November 21, the male singer born in 1988 said, he is very sad, hurt when Dam Vinh Hung is no longer responsible care.

An incompetent student when I break bed with Mr.Dam: I fell, the face teacher was not afraid - 1

Phan Ngoc Luan is surprised to show his relationship with his teacher by Dam Vinh Hung.

I slept with Dam Vinh Hung and was helped

Ngoc Luan, time to take part The 2012 voice, He often goes to Dam Vinh Hung to go to # 39; used. There are evenings that I did not return to sleep at the teacher's house. This also causes the two to emotionally.

"Being together, working together and singing Hung, the feeling grew bigger and bigger, when hitting, Hung's character was a & # 39; feeling to grow up, he did not stop. Now that I like men, my species may change.

Luan once said that it was just a feeling that was going on, I tried to deal with it as usual, but to go to. sleep together, the feeling is dissatisfied, without control. Things I can not say here, just talk about it.

Luan's bed bed is a bit normal, " Phan Ngoc Luan named the show.

An incompetent student when I break bed with Mr.Dam: I fell, the face teacher was not afraid - 2

Mr Phan's portrait care for Phan Ngoc.

Before Phan Ngoc Luong shared, public opinion was convicted and criticized for joy. Most say that Ngoc Luan is a n; suffering alone with a reputation Mr. Damage to PR for new discharge released.

The image, the status of the male artist who was posted on the personal page, was also pulled on the internet "stoned", even a lot of ideas, abuse.

I fell, I'm afraid of Hung on the face

We sent Phan Ngoc Luong directly to find out what was causing the move. The singer said, a conversation has been given to take part in recording from time to time. Before the exhibition aircraft, he wants to cut the trustworthy but unsuccessful section.

"I'm breaking down. I'm afraid you have Hung Hung vision", Ngoc Luan rises with us.

"Time to take part in" Voice 2012 "and his troops on the Hung, he helped him. At that time, I came from home and a child to enter for the singing.

Since his father was off his love, when Hung was cared for, I felt a lot of love. Slowly, that idea also grows.

At that time, because I was new, I had some strange feelings and so I did not; understand what it was. Now, look back at me for that love, " he noticed him.

According to Phan Ngoc Luan, "Vietnam king music" has many of the students and teachers who are also responsible and responsible. "I am the first scholar I would like to have in the past. It's the feelings of Hunger teachers, not only" he explained.

Unhappy student when I break bed with Mr Cham: I fell, fear of not seeing the face - 3

Phan Ngoc raised a spirit and frightened Mr .. There is no need to look back a backpack.

I had a business lover

Speaking about the harnessing of addresses, Phan Ngoc Luan said that it is not clear that communication should have a false share.

"Before broadcasting, my text messenger agent sent a phone with his program to cut the" sensitive "information or to my interview today, not to broadcast but can not he said.

Before the inn really thought to create new ways for PR for new materials, Phan Ngoc Luan also refused. "For PR, I would have released the MV now instead of the 17th, which was a week ago."

To explain, Mr's student. The dam also revealed that her lover was an industrial girl, over 3 years old, and did not want her to have an impact on her lover and his family.

At the same time, Phan Ngoc Luong said his spirit fell completely, when he read criticism on Facebook.

Unhappy student when I break bed with Mr.Dam: I fell, fear of not seeing it - 4

Phan Ngoc Luan has shown his own lover to be corrected.

In a recent interview with us, when we asked about a genuine, Phan Ngoc Luan was happy to share that: "The audience expects something to talk about my species?

I remember that a male artist has showbiz a & # 39; do that already, Mr Cao Thai Mac. Do you want me to follow it? I do not think it's necessary, because I know that all of you have the answer. "

Before sharing Phan Ngoc Luan, we sent Dam Vinh Hung but we did not get any response from it. However, Nhan, "Vietnam's music king" media representative, said Phan Ngoc Luan has just shared one-way information. At the moment, Dam Vinh Hung is in the USA, Ecuador needs to do it before it receives official notice.

A hot boy talks about friendship

The singer, in the professional, said no one was there; respond well to "king music of Vietnam."

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