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Maybe, the story of David Duong, a Vietnamese American businessman founded by Vietnam Waste Solutions Company Limited (Ho Chi Minh City). In 2007, Mr Daibhidh Duong was involved in the construction of Da Phuoc's stubborn waste ruin, the next plan is to build a green environment technology in the Thu Thua area, the large section of An Ait with a wide range of 2,000ha. After almost 20 years of implementation, there were many problems for Da Phococ waste medicine problems. But, recently, when they were talking to the media, David Duong said he would keep his / her forward; investing new technologies to deal with waste, and contribute to the development of the Ho Chi Minh area.

* VWS 6 recently released trucks for HCM City, Long A Province and Kien Giang Province, which includes the future VWS action plan?

– VWS does not work in the scope of waste collection and transport, but before the current fact arrives, luggage is damaged; Most elderly, rubbish switches that dispose of waters, smell, and # 39; pollution of the environment and also export Because I want to improve the environment, we have been experiencing & # 39; think of new dubbed trucks. By 2015, I'm inviting research and scientists ordered to make a bare car from Peterbilt from Paccar Corporation, USA.

Although its price is very high, both value is & # 39; car and travel cost of $ 500,000. But with the appropriate advantages of this type of truck trucks, we put some model cars for HCMC and Kien Giang, Long area. After using this type of vehicle, if it is effective, domestic orders can be made or worked with partners, and ask them to bring back technology to Vietnam. On the other hand, if Vietnam meets this type of back truck, it can also export to other countries.

* What are the benefits of his & # 39; car, sir?

– This truck is very modern design, transport capacity of around 10 tons. In addition to the basic features of the peripheral truck, a rubbish section is on the # 39; Car also, with two waste water tanks on both sides so that the streets can not scratch. A camera has 3600 cameras, which makes it easy for drivers to reduce traffic disasters. In particular, when they are in transport, when they are & # 39; braking or fencing, the car will spiritually automated, avoiding uncomfortable causes for passengers. Vehicles that use CNG hard, natural gas, not pollute, environmentally friendly.

* From the perspective of people working in the environment, how do you consider the amount of rubbish in the home?

– In many cases talking about environmental issues, Mary Tarnka – United States Consulate in the Ho Chi Minh City in the United States, experts thought that there were more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste rubbish. every year every morning. Unsatisfactory plastics pour into the ocean causing Indian tourism and its output. Pacific and the marine industries spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In addressing the environmental problem in the department, the United States is committed to promoting pollution control and waste management capabilities that address plastic waste of waste at sea.

In Vietnam, coupled with the economic and population growth, it is to create waste and daily waste and waste; constantly evolving and changing. But now, people do not have the ordinary to waste rubbish so that such anchors need to be done; Analyzing the technology to be suitable for all levels of classification and waste treatment. The technology to deal with dangerous waste and waste rubbish in Vietnam is still very slow. So we have investigated and we will bring the latest technology to deal with these types of waste.

* But an accumulation of compassion is not compiled, does this make it difficult to waste waste?

– From personal experience, I think synchronization should be synchronized. In the United States, we will always do its & # 39; accumulation of population cracking, and as well as discharging rubbish from the source, criminal offenses have the right to waste people or waste classification according to regulations. In my opinion, HCMC should be more propaganda about how the distribution of rubbish benefits. Even more important, steps must be taken to collect 100% of the rubbish. By comprehension, the amount of debris collected in HCMC is about 80-90%, which is a It means that there is a lot of free tricks in the sub-urban areas, on canals, causing great pollution.

In many of the difficulties that some reservoirs do not have a secure sense of expression; investment in Vietnam, business in Vietnam is a policy inconsistency. Every time a leader or control has changed, an old age is split up, and the papers are going on, so we have to confirm again and again. And the views of the public do not have to be correct and wrong, as long as There is an announcement that the company has been investigated directly due to bad credit.

* Waste medication technology burns, VWS must be ready to follow this move?

– When the Ho Chi Minh City policy has the technology to be able to; Waste management, the cause of audio is very commendable because the economic situation has evolved. However, the most difficult part is the only technology that is suitable for rubbish but also for the economy. Their phrase "What money, then," times the technology is cheap, it's first, but long-term, poor, quality technology.

In particular, if HCM City has an environmental protection case and protect its decision to protect the environment, more should not be placed on its; price, but noting whether or not the waste medicine technology has been used or not used How long? There are hundreds of companies in the world who are burning technology, but the technology that fails to do it. Responding to the saliva and the vast amount of waste is a big cause. how long and how expensive.

There are many burners in Ho Chi Minh City, the value of huge investment, but when there is not a large amount of traffic up to thousands of tonnes, tens of thousands of tonnes is now appropriate because it needs higher technology. There are many companies that can take technology to Vietnam but do not know what to do in Vietnamese rubbish and there is no scrutiny of how to change Vietnamese rubbish in the next 20 to 30 years. What kind of future study will that part of the waste today?

These issues need to be considered and taken care carefully before investing them, so that technology can be used to protect and protect the environment. There are lessons from China for example. Because they are not considering and & # 39; Choosing new technology, they have to pay for the environment that affects air, rivers, surface water and groundwater. to overcome the effects.

With two special technologies that burn down and burst, in my opinion, all technologies have advantages and disadvantages, the problem is to find the right technology. According to the research, we find that the number of insulation in Vietnam is very high, up to 50-60%, so waste incineration technology is very high, environment, even burn the split burning to reduce funeral rubbish.

With many years of pollution processing information in Ho Chi Minh City, I am well aware that there is a " manufacture and damage of poor rubbish and over the last two years; have also explored the methods and technology can recycle waste to reduce costs. However, it is worth mentioning that, at this time, waste in the HCM City is accounted for up to 70% of organic waste, which benefits the recycling of the social welfare product. It does not promise environmental and waste.

We are trying to just about 10 years only just about 15% of the landfill that is a? using buried technology, and the rest that is put into the furnace to generate electricity. And, the new technology that VWS employs experts in is; Germany, Italy, and the United States to work consistently, cost-effective and cost-effective, and is already based on pollution and payrolls. The waste device will change in the future. This technology does not have to be screened by heat, but still generates gas to create electricity, energy gas, organic fertilizers, and waste water. organic manure cigarettes. In the United States, there is a net price of $ 25 per liter.

* Did you refer to a "cheap" chriter, whether it's a? Opposition to his / her opinion on "any money" he just said?

– Why is it free? If the application technology does a lot of materials, after selling the materials, Most of the income is included in operating costs. Instead of the other technologies, there is only one electricity product, we have lots of materials such as organic energy fertilizers, energy gas …, thus reducing many of the price of the materials for its & # 39; market. For example, a fluid device will help to & # 39; market to reduce chemical fertilizers.

* Upcoming, VWS also has programs to help reduce environmental pollution for Ho Chi Minh City.

– The amount of waste is too high, so that the gas collection can not be fulfilled as necessary. So we will continue to & # 39; search to introduce gas collection technology and wait for a factory installation. It is expected that the power plant will be completed in March 2019.

* In the Coffee Entrepreneurship program held by the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association, he shared that VWS has been living with the "media emergency" since its inception. Can you share the "knowledge" in relation to & # 39; get over that crisis?

– In many of the difficulties that some investors are not confident to invest, doing a business in Vietnam is the inconsistencies in the policy. Every time a leader or control has changed, an old age is split up, and the papers are going on, so we have to confirm again and again. And the views of the public do not have to be correct and wrong, as long as There is an announcement that the company has been investigated directly due to bad credit. So being able to "survive", we have two principals. First, check out things and review things, explore them all. Second, do not be unhealthy, but be aware of the "traditional emergency" level and then come into contact with specific solutions for handling.

* What's inspired after many obstacles, is it still "enough fire" to continue with the fill of Da Poc land?

– It must be said that we address complex administrative procedures, guiding rules that are in place; engage in departments, departments. Especially since 2016, for three months after each other, a strong attack on the completion of Da Phuoc and VWS with its belief that Da Phoc has made a bad smell in South Saigon, that VWS is a & # 39; using burial technology rather than recycled technology and classical recycling from the USA as they first promised.

At that time, not just myself but also the experts, there are fraudulent staff, all departmental actions are confused, not professionally mental. Then for one year, its company had to receive four inspection teams. Unnamed as long as the review is, a legal representative does not have a & # 39; company, overseas licensed experts due to the cost of working with the inspection team's officers. However, after the submission of the request to the government, the First Minister has been in & # 39; ending the waste consumption in Da Poc and so we are confident to move on.

Initially, when I worked with HCM City leaders, I introduced many technologies to deal with rubbish. At that time, most of the worries about the town because they did not cure the waste were the environment, especially the cost was cheap, so the technology was chosen at a time the funeral and we used the funeral technology. The most economical. It should be noted that Da Poc is not only the management of my company but 128ha. At the same time, the total area is 800, many other companies are working, such as composting companies, and, processing tunnels, sewers …, but everything is poured for Da Phoc.

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