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The confirmation period to complete the 52- hour work will end. The air close to the Digital Computer in Seoul is covered with light dust. Journalist Huh Moon-chan sweat@hankyung.com

The confirmation period to complete the 52- hour work will end. The air close to the Digital Computer in Seoul is covered with light dust. Journalist Huh Moon-chan [email protected]

More recently, a 40-year blue-collar worker came to the head of a midsize company. The worker said it was bitter. “If you cut your monthly earnings by 300,000, you leave school. Let them do a little more. "The headteacher could not say anything." I can't help with the law. "

It has been nine months since the company invested his 52-hour job with over 300 workers. The system break period will end at the end of this month. But the entrepreneurial situation remains impressive, and very few staff and activists say life has improved. Staff reduce their pay, and managers are reducing what they do to stop them from becoming criminals. The Cheong Wa Dae petition always requires work. It's a complaint I can't keep, I can't keep it, I'm not even if I see;

Over the past year, the number of petitions linked to the 52-hour work on the magazine is greater than 2,300. A 30-year-old worker in a small industry said, "It's a gentle life with no money? I don't know who the policy is." A housewife wrote a primary-level primary child, " I want to raise money and lift my child well, but the country that keeps it out is false, and wrote "I allowed my right to work." It only serves staff with blue collars. A minister in a probation office sent a Ministry of Justice to improve the system, saying, "I can't go away even though Jodosun is (criminal)" with an electric bracelet) walking around at night.

Businessmen are also struggling. There are lots of businessmen who reduce output and generate overseas. From January next year, the situation of SMEs with more than 50 to less than 300 staff covered by the 52-hour operating system is more severe. "I would prefer to sell the company and give it to the children," a representative of a small furniture company said.

A year ago, a controversy began over the 52-hour week. The topic for the speaker at the time was, "The money to buy the night is more important than life at night. Let me do more work." This application was executed in July Last year. It is also the case that some of the major and medium-sized enterprise workers have had a good working-life balance. But even after that, Cheong Wa Dae complained about saying, "Give me freedom of work." It's a victim of low paid workers who may be staying at night. Workers could not be happy. To stop them from becoming a criminal, there was an issue that would leave growth; is a condition of business survival. That's why we ask who is the 52-hour system.

Truth can only help reduce the yield

A producer, a medium-sized company, Dongbu Corporation, was a bad luck for the last nine months. Last July alone, 116 workers were employed on a 52-hour basis. The present person could not fulfill the relevant date. All these efforts were independent. This is because 113 staff have stopped this time. Since wages and earnings fell by 25% due to shorter working hours, it was possible for staff to go to companies to work through the night. Company A, which accounts for copper pipes and exports 70%, decided that results would be cut significantly according to staff this week. A decision has been made by the end of the 52-hour week in the summer. The company's management said, "It's difficult for Chinese and Vietnam competitors to have low prices, but competition is lower because of the lack of working hours." to close.

"Reduce corporate competitiveness"

Not just a company. Smaller working hours result in many companies suffering from unemployment, labor costs, profitability and competitiveness. Company B, a overseas plantation supermarket, was in trouble because of a 52-hour working day and could not build a build-up in good time and pay damages. The company had to deploy more than 100 Korean workers to the Saudi Arabia construction site by reducing working hours. The 52-hour weekly work is also appropriate for Korean staff working abroad. B officials said, "Building costs have risen by 20 ~ 30%, and construction is not allowed to proceed further. I am in urgent need of asking the client to pay fines as the responsibility for performance commitment to building work. "

One of C's chief officers, who made a medium-sized mechanical engine, found an office that was getting up late in the night to find a light office. 20 staff were employed. The chief officers said, "Go home early." The employee said, "You can't do this on your own. I want to develop my skills." The chief officers said, "The R & D staff have the annual salary." Working with businesses has reduced their chance to lose their jobs during the 52-hour week, it is a system that reduces individual employee competitiveness as well as contributing to the competitiveness of the company.

Hard workers

Staff who have been directly income have been reduced in these areas. There is no room to confront the complaint but it is the board of the Cheong Wa Dae petition. Many of the petition is about reduced wages, growing debts, and complaints about tighter lives. 39 'Improving the quality of life; front of the system.

One blue-green worker said, "With the 52-hour operating system, the average monthly income, which was more than 3 million pounds, will be earned to a limit of 2 million each month t "I am looking for part-time work to fill the deficit, but it's not easy." I'm worried about money every day. "" It is an uncommon policy. "Another employee with another cockerel said," It works harder to pay a lower wage, "he said," to whom is it? " "

A medium-sized company worker, "the job and the number of workers is the same, but the hours are reduced and the work is gathered as a mountain." designed for 6000 workers 250 hours of work without removing their staff in 160 hours suddenly. "He made an appeal to the company to ban him. t the unreasonable instructions.

Narrator Gyeongsik Lee / Kim Jin Soo / Kim Nak-hoon [email protected]

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