"I had never thought that it would stop me"


The test agreed on the suitability of the Conmebol of the three candidates for the chairman of the ANFP president. Sebasti√°n Moreno, Jorge Uauy and Harold Mayne-Nicholls were allowed to apply for the post by Arturo Salah.

But Harold Mayne-Nicholls's appeal was in danger. According to the 12 questions set by the South American football regulators in the surprise test, an applicant can not get permission from FIFA. The party, in 2015, received a two-year penalty for the breaking of articles; Code of Interest in relation to behavioral rules (13), loyalty (15) and interest conflict (19), and participation in the & Committee Evaluation of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids submitted to Russia and Catar, individually.

In liaison with La Tercera, Mayne-Nicholls describes his agreement: "I always felt that the sanctions, which were confirmed by the CAS After that, it was inappropriate. That punishment was fulfilled and I did not see how to increase it. I did everything I wanted to do: I showed where I had to submit myself, I put all the documents, everything. Now this resolution came, "said the antofagasta.

"I had never thought they can help me. They seem to play a part in getting access speed and do not let them drive -not more. Justice is based on being able to transcribe in society. Anyone who has a penalty can return to normal life. They can not be permanent. This case has been inappropriate penalties, "he says.

In terms of the elections, which will take place this Thursday, at 11am, Harold Mayne-Nicholls will be analyzed: "I hope to convince it to be arranged on Wednesday evening. Thursday, before the election. We are still trying to get the ballots to get the second tour, "he said.

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