"I hope it's cold": Nadya Dorofeeva surprised fans with a new sweep, everyone was not happy


Nadia Dorofeeva

Singer of Ukraine, who alone on the "Time and Glass" group, Nadia Dorofeeva often welcomes fans with anecdotes about his creative life in the Instagram social network. So, lately, the actress said that she would show a photo with her; Acquisition for the Ukrainian edition of Cosmopolitan screens. Now, Dorofeeva showed a picture of hunting her & her; new video.

So, on the social network singer's page, an unusual picture of the set, where Nadia appears in the scenery, describes the disco. She is standing in the crowd of young people, and alongside Alex Zavgorodniy, a band, known as Positive better.

But most of the fans pay attention to Halt's hair – in this picture she is with a short-Kare hair. Dorofeeva's pictures of black clothes – pants, top and leather jacket. His face is clear, and on the neck of this mint statement.

Ailigey Zavgorodniy featured in this picture is also black. The hair is preserved with eye and eye glasses. It's odd to worry Nadia. In the writing section, write Dorofeev: "Here you have a post in the face. Give the skip of the song about the person". And fans began to talk about the new publishing of the artist who was in suffering, leaving books.

"Do you cut your hair?", "Have you cut her hair?", "You're really cool with this hairy style", "Why are you so sad?", "Why the hair is cut? "," Why cut your hair? Your long hair was good "," Cut your hair? Very good, "" Now you can tell that this is the bomb " , "Cool to care", "How beautiful you are. So, this style of hair is appropriate", "Nadya, did you get a cork on the tight? Do you have all kinds of hair style? But most of them are long, "I wonder what to wait!" "It's a real problem", "I hope it's not video lyric video? "," I hope it's a wig, "write the following in the comments to the picture.

The fans of the saucy images remember the positive, positive style and Dorofeeva. Famous musicians from the "Time and Glass" group came to become the hero of the wild cosmopolitan.

The previous song "Znayu" said Dorofeeva showed how happy it was; her husband is every day.

Also, write the "Znayu" port that Dorofeeva did not receive when the baby was born.


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