"I know what's good for my child": That's how the first day of the test was about the dead girl from the State


Three years ago, the police found a dead girl in a residential building in the State. The two-year-old child appears to have been severely damaged. From March, the parents in St. Gallen in court.


They deny that they forgot their daughter: the accused and the accused father were tested yesterday in court. (Picture: Sibylle Heusser)

They deny that they forgot their daughter: the accused and the accused father were tested yesterday in court. (Picture: Sibylle Heusser)

The accused will also use the pond to stretch their legs. They are combined with passengers in the streets of the old town of St. Gallen. Pale twist The person is carrying jeans and a dark jacket, turned his hips, a cigarette in his mouth. A woman's scarf is tied on her neck, with black pants and a black and white jacket. She also raised her hood. Below is a black cap, covered by a stone. It keeps it all day long.

The two were just sitting in the great hall of San Gallen's communist court. It is believed that they forgot the little girl until she died. On Tuesday, the two expected to kill in court.

The things that had happened banned him. The girl's death was not yet possible, the accused person was given in the morning at his legal question. "I had to put his death to the side – because of the whole weight." The man has a strong voice, he is Speaking simple text – usually at least. It will be an eagle when it comes to using its & # 39; his chocaic and how close he is to Hells Angels. "I do not want to say anything about that."

Silent, sometimes grieving, he is also, when he comes to his family, and also sent out his companion and the girl together. It was found dead in summer 2015, almost two years old, the home of her parents in the State.

"I would never have left my daughter in the house for one minute."
Accused father

The accused 55, logistical, is led. By the end of 2014, he lost his job. From 2017 it has its work again, for a 30-hour salary annually, with no fixed employment. "I do not go to a welfare office," he says.

When the court chairman queried how he knew his mother's partner and mother were common, he says, "About her services she gave. I put her on." So , striped? "No," the accused person rescues her firmly. "It was a holy service." Later on he says "his / her main function was a bad page".

Do you want drug use?
the accused does not know anything

The child was not a baby child. "Bumper Sticker". But he was well behaved. They hold together. However, his life partner did not agree only if he did not stop education. "She's the head in the house." He was not convinced that she had no control over the child. He had been working full at first. But on the weekend he was there for the girl, they also spent her holiday during holidays.

Later on he says: "He did not want to fulfill his father's later career," when the girl started walking and going to her. Speaking. "Allegations said he had not been very little at the girl's attack, he says. He would not let himself out at home for even a minute. And: she was in her eyes good health.

«Math Storyteller»

It differs from the procurator. The girl was badly forgotten. The parents would be left alone for hours at one time. They would not have fed the appropriate age of a child and had confirmed his physical hygiene. So, the child's half-sister tried on end of the week's trips to stay in the same room – "because it's so smelling there". This mother refused later. Her children are "good storytellers". She has three children who do not stay with her.

The accused person 35, a Germanian, a housewife, is divorced. She had been a hero for many years, until the petitioners' demands were becoming increasingly. Then she has operated two studios and a dedicated ceremonial service. Here she learned the father of the girl who died. He ordered her "over her phone". She smiles After her birth, she went to her; Feeling mostly for the child.

Did she not understand that her mother was worried about her grandson? She says no. She had not spoken for her for weeks. When the court president asked her why she never went to her; see a doctor with her baby, she says: "I have a lot of trouble with a childminder." And:

"I believe mother. I know what's good for my child."

Her daughter was generally well-developed and well-developed.

The complainant will draw a completely different picture. The parents had forgotten their child and did not know what they were doing. They have worked hard – "to cover up alone individually", so that no queries are required. They were sometimes on the edge of the environment. The life of the parents was even turned after the girl's birth had been severely poor. And not for the kid. Her definitions are "safe, funny and consistent defense allegations". The two bags that were cleaned. Almost every day.

The accused person met the company "hundred" a hundred times within six months, and # 39; most of them in Rorschach. In total, he bought nearly three kilograms of chocain within three years – a value of CHF 180,000. He had to carry two kilos, with one kilogram for his mother – free of charge. Her mother knew that her drugs were in danger of the little girl being developed, so the procurator. She accepted this – and continued to be lost when she was pregnant, when she was pregnant

Prison sentences were long asked

"I was looking good at my daughter. I would like to return," says the mother is singing in her; court. When asked when she saw the baby alive, she replied, "On the afternoon of June 25." On June 26, she got the baby dead. She was "full of fear and fear." That's why she would not tell anyone, including her father. She then got a pallet, packed the buffet and the baby in the bag and brought it to the cellar. After that she got the baby out of her bag again. "I was scared to freeze in the cellar." She put it fresh and warm and put it back in the bag.

According to the prosecution, the baby must be at the horn room for several days. Only days later, the mother had a body that she was shearing her daughter in the bush and hidden in the ground floor behind her potato. There he found the police.

The lawsuit is hitting her & # 39; mother for killing, the breach of educational benefits and duties and many offenses against the Act of Criminals of 10.5 year imprisonment, for their father's 8 year imprisonment. The test starts Wednesday with protection claims.

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