I left my heart in Corolla 2014


All Credit Designs: Raphael Orlove (Do not worry they are not the best thing. It was years ago).

I remember when I went to Toyota Corolla. I expected to be my judge. The car evaluated me instead.

By publishing the 2020 all-new Toyota Corolla this week I have been thinking of this story a few years ago. This is the second time I put out the work to investigate a car at an event.

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How these works work, when self-moving devices are launching a new model, Invite world-wide journalists, pick them up completely and put them all together, usually just for a few hours. They keep them time and money, I'm going to; think, and allows them to control PR a & # 39; car. Carmakers (technically, the PR companies work out the) wine and dinner of the writers, put them in the hotel's nice, and they're doing it. Choose a road that offers access to its & # 39; car on an exam.

I had done the dance once before, with the Voletwagen Beetle then. I do not prefer a & # 39; car, but I was so sorry for the opening pressure that did not tell me anything about it for months. The exhibitions describing customer surveys, the engineers made preparations about X, Y, Z meters better, the grinning consensus of my colleagues; erosion of canyon carving in dialysis manuscript changed. (It was a different time.)

That's the first time I went to; go round, tell me myself. This trip with Corolla would be different.

I saw Corolla 2014 early on the internet and it was not as similar as a modern car than a heavy review of its model. That's not what Toyota says, so I put myself on the job to get proof of my own. I was confident.

I knew that the old Corolla was highly regarded as a car-dress, certainly it was not a good balance compared to its partners. Perhaps he was trustworthy, at least, but was done at a time when Toyota was captured in many of the people who were quite public who were going to go on to go to the US. spread their reputation. This 2014 model would be updated, and if it were turd, I was not scared to say.

I came. I got the same hotel cure. I received the same exhibitions, grinning colleagues, and supporting PR directors.

I was disturbed and I got some of the checks I was looking for to have bones digested; car over half a decade. I did not grasp my pets' theory that the architecture of a basic carcase has its own. dating back to Bush Jr.'s first term It was a good feeling, which was twenty years old with a mixed heart, to preserve a knife into my youth's cultural devastation. I was proud. My drugs were up.

And then I sent her car.

It was right. The wheels are turned. The paint was singing. A car was easy and comfortable and responsive and well suited to American American drivers.

That's not that Corolla 2014 was really good. It was enough. Again, it was not just a cup of tea; , but tell me that it was OK for the average customer.

But this gave me a philosophical question. Who is the average buyer? What's good enough for them? And this idea line has removed me apart.

It's not an average buyer. I do not first send MPG. I am not responsible for the repair of certificates. I have nine to five and commute on the road. I live in & # 39; home, drive to & # 39; I really have a car for sport, and to send her a & # 39; people around the world. And not just that I do not respond to & # 39; profile for Corolla's merchant equipment needs. I looked at Corolla 2014 and became a symbol for a majority society. It started as a car I did not put in; It became a world that I did not put in.

Why did Corolla 2014 not have enough for me? It's good enough for the rest of the country. They are as it is right, Raphael. They are Pleasure when they are Corolla 2014 driving, are proud to see in their way. It is parked on the road that they drag clean of. It is by a white white fence. They stop the way home from the driver's work. I never stopped the driver.

In the hotel that night, I tried to record my review. Eventually, I found that Corolla 2014 customers do not; treated as well as they could be. Check out how America is based. People do not enjoy cars like some of the Lamborghini car inspectors enjoy a "news release" of all pay in Portugal. Americans needed cars to get around. From that view, not that in a car good enough for a few dancers. There is social promotion for cars as good as possiblePost-Corolla 2014 is correct and will last a few years before it needs a big job, it is not enough from that perspective. It should be as close as perfect as possible, five, 10, 20 years down the line.

But no car did so because Model T. Automakers did not care. They do not get paid for care about those things. Ford did not just because Henry Ford himself was a monomaniac. Toyota is not going to do it perfect Corolla, for ever to last. There is no business case for him.

But that is a weak account. My worker then wrote, Travis Okulski, the best half of the argument in my head. He had the words he had; praising the honest driver who thought it was not; I can explain how to call me.

Preliminary overview
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And I can not still believe my own against Corolla 2014. I'll look into the main lights and see it; stress my heart against the flight.

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