"I like it, do it live, at this time …" Marcelo Polino and Ángel de Brito destroyed Laurita Fernández!


Dancing for a Dream participates in many famous celebrities who want to submit the Marcelo Tinelli program to see the media they need to improve their contracts. achievement and more job opportunities; However, not everything that expects gold and who can prove to that is Laurita Fernández: was very bad at that time; a young model, director and actress in 2018 as part of the jury.

Indeed, the lover of Nicolás Cabré had a strong relationship with Mica Viciconte where they were saying everything and the situation reached where a young man decided to make no explanation for the Her scouts have always been a strong controversy with speeches and transitions (Florencia Peña himself needed to translate herself in some of these conflicts to help her friend).

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A person who was struggling inside the jury but nowadays, in her program Ainglean na maidne, an interview with Ángel de Brito with Marcelo Polino and both were very hard with those who were with them, who were involved in a beautiful way that they completely forgot the people he was Work for several months by side with laughter exchange, jokes and gossip.

A LAM driver began to say: "Last year we put Pampita out for us to welcome us," which created a quick response from his friend, who had nothing to admit: " He spoke to Flor Peña and he welcomed me for his first room of Shook and he did not give me the ball, Tomorrow I'll start my radio program on Radio Mitre, from Espacio Clarín, I gave her to go on the air and not ".

Angel gave the opportunity to clarify: "I'm sorry that we did not speak to Poland but the same thing happened to me: with Flor Peña we sent messages privately, but not through the jury camera, and so we're going to kill Laurita from the group. "Marking him," Married him: "I miss her, do it alive, at this time. " The group had begun to spell the day of the Dance scene and then it was dried.

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