I like to get into another life


"There are so many characters as there are people in the world," said Andrea Frigerio, who plays in Argentine-Paraguayan "Leal" co-production, "drug action action film made from recently in Buenos Aires. In a conversation with Telam, Frigerio told how he worked on a film for his first time with his daughter and put on his lead role in a television series of the time, which the new Pol-ka promise for 2019.

For her actress, the movie "Leal" is a picture of the climate of the time, everything that lives in the Triple Pricing, not I do not know how much it is fiction ", details of this product that is inspired by real events.

The film directed by the Paraguayans Pietro Scappini and Rodrigo Salomón, is written by the Argentinean Andrés Gelós, describing the history of a comando group that is a fight against drug trafficking and propose a character of a variety of actions; link elements of drama, organized crime and mental months.

In terms of his proposal for politician Pol-ka for the next year, which was part of a multi-prize film such as "The Illustrious Citizen" and "Red", he revealed that it will be a star in high-time television production, with daily strip format and cinematographic expertise.

"I'll end up a strip next to Fernán Mirás, China Suárez, Vicuña Benjamín, Virginia Innocenti and Gonzalo Heredia. The design will take place in 1930, the time of immigrants, with stories of a house "I'll be a gentleman of one," said the actress.

"Although I had offers to repeat strips and I'm really happy, in this situation, the story and my character have been discouraged," identifies the supervisor who & # 39 ; plays in the "Comprehensive Groups" of Buenos Aires Multiteatro and is also a member of the other television production, but of Telefe, called "Campanas en la noche". Of course, a successful year for Frigerio.

– Do you interpret Angeles, your character in the movie?

-There are so many women today and in sight. Many marry married men; doing dirty business or have spiritual relationships and are not responsible, they are comparators. Tell me my grandmother when I was a daughter: "There are two who sleep on the same embodiment of the same opinion," then I am going to do it; think that many of the Angels are exploiting the economic situation, not to ask or want to know too much, if they know that's going to do that; decision making it difficult to crash; leaving without many incentives and they will lose a flexible way of life. For patients, they can betray their own values, women who prefer to go to them; get a Vuitton shop and their trips to Europe that they need to make sure their person is pollute.

– How was the knowledge of working with your daughter?

-This offers a & # 39; This suggestion for myself and Fini -Josefina Bocchino – to make my daughter's character in fiction and we got fun to do it together. This is the first thing I told when we started the tour "from now on we are working together and we have a leader and team to turn to". I wanted to make it clear that I was not going to be a coach. In fact, outside the set, we are both mother and daughter and ate, buy clothes and their; going to walk together.

-What you need to know as an actor?

-All. There are so many characters because there are people in the world. I like to get into another life. In any other position you can not be someone else. Enter items that are so different and so opposite their own. I might like to make a film. I would like to work in Europe, I've had the many of the initiatives I've had in the international festivals and the awards have already made. Working in France, from speaking to me in France or Spain, it would be what I would like to be a concrete.

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