"I love you, crazy!" Sloba spoke after Darina's substantial video! (PHOTO) | Telegraph


So “Sloba” would have “rumors” that something was happening between him and Dara

Dara Bubamara, Sloba Radanovic

Print: Instagram / darabubamara_official, Nikola Tomić

Sloba Radanovic appeared on social networks after her bright Dare Bubamara video escaped the bare dildo.

The singer then ordered her to release the video accidentally, and then she laughed at her ideas.

– I lost it, I just left the wrong button! Used a little, we lived and really, "wrote Dara on Instagram.

Dare Bubamara Publishing on his Instagram store, Print: Instagram / darabubamara_official

After this, Sloba sent her message on social networks, and said: "I like you're mad."

Sloboda objavljivanja the Instagram studiu, Printed: Instagram / slobaradanovic

We remind them that both had done together and on one occasion Radanovic pointed out that Dara was a beautiful and imposing woman. That way, he was "heating up rumors" that something else was happening between them.


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