"I need to gather for the old man", the person who regrets the judge Carlos Soto Dávila – 11/11/2018


"He is sure that Gonzalez will not leave, if he pays"The promise would come from the mouth of Pablo Molina, secretary of the Federal Court No. 1 of Corrientes and one of the amazing men of commander Carlos Soto Dávila.

According to a person who said the week before the federal capital judge Sergio Torres said, question: as a result of paying 30,000 pesos of bumps, Molina got the freedom from a prisoner attached to the narco Federico "Morenita" Marin.

A case where Ricardo "Caballo" González was not captured in 2015, although 600 kilometers of marijuana were brought home, it is part of the 10 dark episodes that are taken to Soto Davila. This is especially included, above all, Pablo Molina, who was imprisoned from Tuesday Tuesday last week when five solicitors fell and Two court boards in work at the same time.

Dependent judge Corrientes Carlos Soto Dávila.

Dependent judge Corrientes Carlos Soto Dávila.

The regret did not talk about a story that the procurators did not know when he was referring to "Caballo" González. But he gave a lot of information about what the payments were, how was that specially … and just introduced the judge. "Show what I have to put together for the old man"One of the phrases that the" complaints colleague "inserted into the mouth of Mholina and that's doing complex to Soto Dávila.

As in a bad film of a languish, he told the regret that he changed his existing measures in other similar cases when he paid the bribe for Gonzalez. He met Molina in the corner, the secretary came with his white Volkswagen Vento who gave him his / her; court; He went into Molina's car and gave him the money, half the money, because.

Own words: "Each man came into his car. When Molina arrived, I climbed into his car, which was a white Vento that it was a legal deposit, since Soto Dávila gave him. Then, inside the car, I gave him the money and went off. This is how this settlement came to an end. I know that Molina took part to Soto DávilaI do not know how many have been arranged among them"

The lawyer arrested the case of Soto Dávila.

The lawyer arrested the case of Soto Dávila.

The profile of the secretary regret of his or her judge is a non-competent person. "Molina was awful. He always said: & # 39;Where is the money? Have you already paid? & # 39; It was so that I wanted to do everything right. Sometimes he inserted how much I'd prefer to give him and not to be profitable. (…) Molina traveled every time, it was very spectacular, went to Europe, New York, to Paraguay he went every time to buy electronic material, tell me : & # 39;For a bit of hand, you can not travel so large that people are going to achieve, you can not get that life& # 39;"

"Molina is a person who complains for money", regret again and again the regret, which provided details of how the judge's secretary wanted to cut 150,000 pesos for each publication but he proved to be too much money "for market prices"

"I can not be higher than that, because & # 39; And the drugs were wrong with another lawyer. Lastly, I confronted Molina that this is the same way … when I say that the configuration & # 39; Delivering money to Molina and Soto Dávila, to gain benefits in the purposes of my clients."he said.

In regard to the case of "Caballo" González, this new certificate formally responds to another person who is reminiscent of why: "Gus Gonzalez free, I paid in court. And the settlement worked because it was released"said the name" declarant 1 ".

The evidence is very strong. However, to defend his / her judge there is another explanation of what happened: both Soto Dávila and his secretaries are "innocent" and a "strategy" breakdown from lawyers who gives money from the " client.

Surely this is about trying to put Soto Davila into action in the coming days when he starts to help him; playing in the Magistracy Council. But it must address a reason where others who are unlikely to have been built have fallen.

Pablo Molina, secretary of the federal fiscal Carlos Soto Dávila, who was arrested for the narrative scandal.

Pablo Molina, secretary of the federal fiscal Carlos Soto Dávila, who was arrested for the narrative scandal.

What the judge says

On Monday, Soto Dávila was just a short time he sent to Torres in the federal courts of Comodoro Py, along with lawyer Gonzalo Díaz Cantón.

"I have never been a long position as a judge who asked me or did not want any part of any prebend from anyone who was prosecuted according to my judgment"said Soto Dávila and talk about his life so easily: "I bought the house where I live before becoming a judge, my car is Volkswagen Vento of 2015 and Suzuki Swift is my year for my wife. I have the same joy of two bicycles because my share and fun I drive through the town where I live and everyone knows", start uploading.

Torres also suggested not to believe in "regret". "You know if you are sending it to & # 39; This death is going to happen, something (and faster than later) you will dragged on the door of many other judges, and why not"What's said" warning "is strong.

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