I saw the picture that Eliana Guercio and Sergio Romero gave to their child


Many famous people decide not to & # 39; showcase pictures of children's proportions on the face, because even though they are famous, children can run a risk, or just as a means of protecting them from the critical or unlucky scenes that are not a & # 39; failed ever. So he decided, for example, the "China" Surez, which faces Rufina, her daughter by recalling Nicols Cabr for five years, although Magnolia had not been able to go. Attending five months and already present in society.

The same decision was taken Eliana Guercio and Sergio Romero With her daughter, Meghan Ivy, They would like to take care of social and social media, but in the last times, he looked for his & her; The first time her baby's face was 10 months old. With his Twitter account, her mother released a tender for her husband with her third, and her followers died of love!

An old vedette drawing a picture of one of the most unique moments of the Argentinian teamkeeper with his little one while long. he was on his chest. In the image, entitled "Love, love", you can see the look of his eye with his mother, who corresponds to his blue journal. Although the publication also appears to be similar to the & # 39; his paper, his nose and mouth.

To the delight of fans, Guercio, I put the second picture up where he could see his baby on the front, with his great eyes and his most realistic look, as he was like to talk. Indeed, his mother, in a humorous time, gave a comment on the face of the girl with an incredible phrase that made her smile larger than one: "when you do not agree to tell you not to be" .

As it would be to end up encouraging their social networks and to get the heart of the Internet users, Eliana published the third picture in which she is. Seeing Ivy struggling to face the elder and his other sisters. Certainly, a beautiful scene of problem and fun the new person gives to the family for everyone with beautiful joy.

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