I should tell this story: & # 39; Lukas defends his daughter Film


Lukas Dhont slept through the Oscars. He was in bed with his boyfriend still getting over the Césars, a French reply to the Academy awards, which had been held a night or two earlier. A girl, who was first a director, had been involved in the best international film César and there was an excursion that Oscar was the story of a 15-year girl training to become a ballet dancer and dance. counting the days for a quality assurance factory. is also known. Who would have finished his year in a progressive year for children from 27 years of Belgium.

In May, Girl sent out to stand at the Cannes film festival, winning the male 17-year-old Victor Polster and three other prizes including the Camé d '. Netflix bought the US solution and named the Golden Globe (“the ceremony was terrible, watching Lady Gaga and her amazing lavender dress)). The star then came.

A girl had come under attack as another example of a referral role given to a chorus actor. LGBTQ campaigner's franchise Also contracted to change the physical transformation of the middle character Lara, who struggles with dysphoria and binds her poem to her genes. Then, in December, the actor Oliver Whitney wrote a tasty piece in Hollywood Reporter, describing it as “sad” and “trauma porn” being shown at the end of the film that shows self-telling. harm. Whitney brandized Girl “the most dangerous film about the character of transition” and the story “are the big movie of the past”.

Look at the trailer for a girl

The massacre was probably destroyed. The Rotten Tomatoes girls score has gone out, Netflix announced after January in January – it has now been set up for 15 March, the same day as the cinema was to be released. UK. And, at the end of the day, a girl got any love from the Academy. Do you think that this was not a result of the controversy? He laughs calmly. No. I did not, I think there were fantastic films in a foreign language category, we didn't cut them. ”

I meet Dont in London three days after the Oscars. He looks more like a filmmaker's act, with tousled hair, cloudy gray-gray eyes, a bearded beard. I have interviewed directors of films that protect films before: they tend to be very slow or guns. But God makes laugh. I never meet someone as fair about their commentators, although he promises when I say “backlash” saying “such a word”.

How does it feel? Angry? Hurt? “No,” he responds quietly in a somewhat formal English. “It is not hurt. For me, it is important to protect the film, but important people who hear speak they are not allowed to speak enough in the past. For me, Girl is a girl who helps her see out. So we have the same reason, the people criticize the film and me. I don't want to be against me, I want to be together and press forward. ”

He also mentions the girl as a “document for Nora”, writing to Nora Monsecour, the cross-dancer who encouraged the film. Dont met her when he was 18 and was 15, after reading an article about her battle to move to the girls' class in the ballet school. (To dance like a woman she must en point skills, just for girls – so to dance professionally she needed to be that class of these girls.) t

His wrath came to David. At the time he was still in the closet; she helped come to work on his statue. “I think I'm looking for someone who could pull it over the edge indeed. I needed an example of being yourself and she was for me. “He says that their relationship is“ closer than friendship ”.

One of the biggest complaints about the film is that it is told from a point of view because it is not itself or the polymer of long-term polster. However, dictated that Monsecour was with all the degrees in this way: “She was a regular reader of the scripts. It was set. She saw the magazines. “Back at the beginning, when they were teenagers, Monsecour told Dont that she would not write his story but that she wouldn't ask for her name.

stage dancer Nora Monsecour on stage

The ill-fated Girl Girl, a Monsecour, who turned into a classical ballet and now becomes a new dancer in Germany, set off to defend – and finally claim – the film. Referring to it as “my truth”, she has appeared out loud to each other for trying to save her quiet identity and identity. “The story of the director of cis is not a story. The story of Lara is my story. “As the affirmation would confirm, our conversation will have two journeys asking Nora the character Nora to replace Lara.

I ask if it would be better, with the prospect of a return, that Monsecour would be on the credits? It pulls his face. “For me, it certainly would be easier. Because people had gone away, bha Oh, an attractive woman here, it's valid. '' But he didn't buy the argument that only film-makers can make films. “You're saying that you can't talk about that very same truth.” So he really believes in the right to tell the story? "Yes; if I did it as I did, with Norah's love and affection, where she came from and who she is, then I am right."

What did it feel like showing its finished film? Dont will let out a big sigh and lift his eyes. This is the only time we talk about that the slides are closed, and he quietly says: “You might even fill a tank with tears. It was a time of catharsis. It was quite a feeling for us. “If she were to appear on the beliefs, how would he explain her role? “Muse,” he says, then he corrects himself. “An active Muse. She took part. ”

Smaoineachadh I don't think this is a ruinous leader… Lukas Dhont arranged by Polster.

Smaoineachadh I don't think this is a ruinous leader… Lukas Dhont arranged by Polster. Photo: Kris Dewitte

Monsecour took part in the preparation process and gave him a blessing to Polster. The main requirement is to find an act that he can dance: “She had no idea if the anchor had moved. She wanted someone who loved her in a beautiful way. ”Dont says that casting is the same as: he did a survey of 5oo young people, including girls. It has been said previously that psychologists at the Sexual Orientation Center at Ghent University Hospital (where Monsecour the patient) had given advice against a dangerous female transmitter in motion.

I don ‟t mention the sight to that extent that causes the biggest offense since that would be a boiler. Monsecour says that the fictional view, although he reflects his dark thoughts at that time. Dont, too, is convinced that he gets it right by taking it into account. “The film can't see any feelings of feeling this character – good or bad. And I think the film shows this character very much in love. No, I am not in any way thinking it is a serious film. I think it's a very enjoyable film. ”

The big problem he says is that there are not enough LGBTQ films made. “It's the picture of one person. Since there are so many interactive stories, each story which comes in is say A, so this is the interface. 'I think it's very much about career models. Does all the best characters have to be for example? I feel it is important to feel that this is one young character, one young teenager, one young dancer, one young teenager, who has a particular connection to her body, and who does not represent her. -cross-directing experience. I have to report again each time. You can't attack this film because there aren't enough films in the film. ”

God stands with his work, without any repentance. A girl has been in her head for nine years, five of whom work on it. He has done his research: working with Monsecour and her family, with hybrid charities in Belgium, with parent groups and the Ghent unit. But anyway, if it were time again, would he do anything different? He is shaking his head, but it takes a few minutes to collect the words. “No – and that's not as a result of a lack of confidence or self-esteem. It is because this film was made in a very woven way by weaving in… ”It is falling over the word. 'How do you say it?'

With integrity? 'Yes, with integrity.'

A girl is released in the UK on 15 March.

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