I start to & # 39; remember what i do


I start to & # 39; remember what i do

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NTH, 40, who lives in the Tan Binh area, HCM City, has been struggling when she is in a hurry. find out her feelings for 9 pupils at the same school, when she reads Your Facebook friends.

Explain success in your own terms, achieve your own principles and create a life in which you are proud to stay.

Anna Sweeney (an American business, who was president of Walt Disney)

Write a review because he likes level 9

Ms. H. Her greatness: "At a young age, do not worry about the school with love, but I want to play with older brothers is very easy to grab and …". Mrs. H., who has ever been & # 39; Being educated to children, young children should take care of them for learning, they should not reflect on their early love.

Every time she is listening to her, her own son is "pretty" he is rich. Her results are very good, so Mr. H. was surprised when she discovered that her daughter was interested in a person in the upper class.

Children who have been applied to the case can not, after being ready to complete, Ms H. gave her a child to review the error with the content that led in: "I was aware of the mistake when I was an old age I was a little boy who liked the 9th class class. I gave a promise afterwards that I would only study, not love . "

Sometimes, when I see the baby very slowly, Ms. H. again brings this matter as a warning to her attention to learning. For a while, her daughter from a beautiful girl turned into a silent, silent attitude.

After writing a review, I rarely talk to my mother. It is more limited, especially that he does not want to go out or eat with the same family again. The love of "love" in the early stages of the child was very clear that his mother needed to repair "error".

We can not change what we do not know, and once we know it, we can not change it.

Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO)

Unlike Mrs. H.'s view, many of the mothers have a more rational, psychological or consistent vision today. Accordingly, there is also a way for children who are not involved in a love story and when you want someone, it is easy to share, mother and give children more advice.

Current fact is that the love of the children in the school is very warm, different from the previous decades.

The PTP, who was at grade 8 in a school that was popular at home, told her mother that today's students in suburban schools to a nearby classroom to seven seats of lover "confess" with another class.

Your story also called your children's wall. I also tell you that you love open hands on each other in front of students throughout the school. In language, use very dark words as K. "jerk" to N., you "H. pair" with you T …

Whatever you want in life, others want the same. Be confident for yourself to accept their & # 39; think you have equal rights.

Diane Sawyer (American renowned journalist)

The way in which their children are express stronger feelings than parents' time. The time parents want to remember forever.

So the image of a "deadly poet," but now, you, "You really like," do not put your hand up to the heart to meet each other to the message "You are the man is your heart "…

Strangely, some mothers of children in grade 4 are in a school in the area in the 10th grade with some similar friends. Recently, my whole class has been in decline in your desktop. G. There is a letter with a red heart and there is three English word "I love you" written in a child's handwriting.

There is a power marriage. The feeling that the power is capable of. come from focusing on what's going on. inspire your confidence.

Oprah Winfrey (queen of television, American businessman)

How do you carry?

Level-Students I have been impressed, stage II and level III are more likely. How do parents need to behave when they start to remember someone else? As a young person, when you have some feelings for someone, you also want to be shared with others.

If your parents are open, you will understand your behavior then, their advice is good, but if their parents appear badly, stop it, you will not believe you say half of the words.

Sentimental school age is explained as an amazing reminder in all human life.

If the feelings are too long, leaving the unfortunate effects, not just the lake the child is, but also the lack of parents when they are not creating the beliefs that children can share. Behavior of parents when they know that their children have a & begin to remember that someone will affecting the lives of young people later.

I learned that people remember what you say, do not forget what you do, but people never remember how you feel about it.

Maya Angelou (writer, American poet)

Understand and listen to your child

I start to & # 39; remember what i do

Today, heterosexual friends feel emotions very quickly. In the photo: a romantic corner of two – Photograph: TRUC PHUONG

A beautiful daughter of L.H.T., 52 years old, in Area 5, has a beautiful, good school, who is constantly leading to a well-known class school class in the town but I also do. laments very early. In secondary school, there are many lovers of secondary students, expressing their feelings and they also play; Many friends enjoyed.

When I was in grade 11, afternoon I went home and said to my grandmother, "Grandma, I'm going to get married." Ms. L. just back from work, her mother told her story with much concern. Grandma can not think of her beautiful girlfriend for learning well, her parents' doctors, she suddenly asked her to marry so early.

Miss Ms. L. settled down because she realized it well. If you're sorry with your child, do not do so, your child will do the opposite. Tell me calmly that she heard her saying she was expecting. I see that this is important so that you have to think and learn in detail, but when you have decided, a mother will support.

And just a while later, my son returned back saying he was no longer fond of the man. Her daughter is now graduating from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the City of HCM and her beloved, who has recently chosen her marriage, is proud and proud of her husband.

During the months of the adult child, her mother also has a "heart", but if you listen to children, he understands what the problem is.

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