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The order was divided into two contracts. The first pot to supply RegioPanter at a low cost of 50 electricity units is 140 seats for each seat. The drill 31 blocks were ready to be caught immediately, which should be ready for 25 msc. They are used on the lines of Plzeskm, Karlovarsk, Jihoeskm and Vysoin.

Type of contract includes five-storey units traveling north of Moravia along the route from Austria to Frdek-Mstk, Frdlant nad Ostravic and Frenta under the municipality. Trains with a capacity of 365 seats will be built out of cars entirely and will be able to cycle on non-electric tracks.

New trains offer a range of contemporary comfort, such as colorless, airborne, wi-fi, electric power supply, or a large space for people traveling on the chair. T wheel, cork, bicycle and winter transport. The merchant's time.

Esk drhy is also renegotiating the new parks with the area to negotiate new contracts with the area. Finally, a contract with the Siemens-koda consortium concluded a decision on 50 air transport vehicles. There are also 90 carts and other regional trains on the line. The organization that wants Sttn to invest in the new engines.

esk drhy provided a new menu on board the train: t

The train failed to rebuild the code from the code:

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