"I thought we were in a third country country": spice times Ontario emergency room times


If you had to go to an emergency room in the hospital during the holidays, you're expecting to wait long to see a doctor.

CityNews has given you many stories about hitting over the last few years and the most recent numbers are in. show that it is getting worse – with more patients getting sickened; come for treatment, and wait longer than ever to be treated by a doctor.

Shellann Wallace saw her first time when she gave her daughter 18 to Humber River Hospital on Friday evening before Christmas.

"I can not believe it," she said. "I thought we were in a country of third countries."

Her daughter was born with a bad heart and was getting a breastfeit, but Wallace said they were doing it; waiting for almost seven hours before they could see a doctor.

"I can not believe it," she said. "I thought we were in a third country country. I was delighted with what was going on and there was nothing to do. There was only one doctor … It looks helpless. "

Ontario gives $ 90M hospitals to address the number that is infected. give the swine flu season

"Indeed there were over 100 people," she explained. "People were standing, children from a few months old to old people. We left there just to stand and wait … older people have a & # 39; crying. "

Wallace said he had been worried about several nights during the night and that security had to be called.

A spokesman for the Humber River told CityNews that they have recorded the highest number of patients. Healthcare and Overseas care figures also show a number of other GTA hospitals above capacity, including North York General, Scarborough Health Network, and Mississauga Trillium.

Ontario hospitals need to find ways & # 39; effective & to work: Elliott

Hospitals are under greater empowerment with more patients coming to cure and more and more; stay longer than they should because they are waiting for long-term care beds with 30,000 people waiting for the lists.

According to Health Health Ontario, an agency appointed by the government, over the past year there are patients who are ill- waiting for another care to make up to 10 large hospital sites every day and an emergency room visit is up to 11 per cent over the last six years.

Across the continent, people spend 16 hours in the emergency room before entering. That is longer than two hours longer than three years ago.

Source: Ontario Health Quality

Impressive issues, walking and emergency care clinics are often closed when emergency rooms are at the highest level.
Of the 21 studies on CityNews, none were open after 8 p.m. and many weeks were limited by many.

North York General told CityNews that he expected the increase in measurement over the holiday period and had taken extra measures – so they say they would not be able to see higher waiting times compared to the & Rest of the year

That did not happen in other hospitals in the GTA and throughout the continent. Follow this link to monitor the average waiting times at Ontario hospitals.

What do hospitals say about waiting times:

University Health Network

  • "Our emergency issues usually increase in the first week of January when people return from holidays. Since Jan 1st, both of our EDs have increased by 20 -25% in the number of patients compared to the previous week. Our normal waiting time for patients to see a doctor / NP / PA is from the time a nurse tries to start with 1 to 3 hours for most of our patients. Between 0930 and 2130 times, our waiting times are so high. As the amount increases in the incident in In the last few days, waiting times are usually higher during this timeframe. "

Sinai Health System

  • "Although we see high levels that are consistent with a flu vaccine, we do not have the waiting times for a surgeon to see up and patients often have a & # 39; see a doctor within 2.5 hours of entering the ED. "

River Humber Hospital

  • "As has been done in previous years, patients in the Humber River Emergency Department showed a 25% above average average for vacation time – some days to deal near 500 patients within 24 hours. During this time, no illness was turned off. We already installed a trial test, we continued The patients were very tight at first and we made sure that we had additional staff, clinicians and clinical centers to support the additional demand. Today, we have 111% over capacity in the units We are always able to manage a higher measure by using the technology of our Headquarters that provides a comprehensive overview of hospital patient and emergency sectors. Continue to provide patient information about care Emergency and walking clinics in our school area through the hospital website, on-site signs and on social media. To our knowledge, patients do not return to our Emergency Department after visiting an emergency medical center. To reduce pressure on the emergency sector before this year's flu seasonal season, Humber continued with the Ministry of Health and long-term Care to open an extra 34 beds at the Rehabilitation Care Center on 16 December 2018. At the Humber River Hospital, we are proud of our staff and doctors who have high quality patient care. reflect our commitment to sympathy, professionalism and respect. "

York General Hospital

  • "The hospital had been waiting for patients with a patient higher than average over this holiday period. Due to this, the appropriate steps and steps were taken in both emergency department and hospital to ensure we did not see any increase in our waiting times compared to the rest of the year. "

Trillium Health Partners

  • "Trillium Health Partners (THP) provides care for almost 1.7 million patients every year – more patients than ever before. Our main objective is to provide excellent care -mall and safe for everyone who comes through our doors. Our staff, doctors and volunteers are involved in delivering special care for patients, their families and our community. In order to meet the growing demand for healthcare services within our limited corporate space, we always think different ways to make the way in which improve our care delivery. Our hospital has implemented new strategies and building new partnerships with support from the Halton Mississauga Local Health Equality Network for the Minister for Health and the Charter long-term to make c In addition, we are able to give proper care to our patients, in the right place, at the right time, now and for the future. Every winter season, we will prepare for more people to experience; visit our Urgent Care Center and the Emergency Departments. This year we opened our new Emergency Department at Credit Valley Hospital which has now given a special range for children, as well as a special place for those who need mental health care. In December, we doubled the size of the Mississauga Hospital Rapid Assessment Zone area area, creating a larger, more modern space to care for our community that, grow. In addition, we left more foster carers and staff ahead and we have set up new partnerships outside the hospital to ensure that services are quicker to services such as caretaker and long-term care. In the last month we saw an additional 7.5% to & # 39; visited the Emergency Department over December 2017. As a result of the increase in last month's patient outpatients, 95% were emergency cases. This increase is caused by a variety of factors that include a community that is Growth, an overweight population, increase in flu and respiratory cases. As a result of the increase in the demand for services that we want to know that patients have a " find out that Trillium Health Partners is feeling longer waiting times, the Emergency Departments are more primitive, challenging to park and care outside a traditional hospital room. We encourage our community to know about their choices in the & # 39; community if they need care or those who love them during the winter. This includes a GP visit; visit myhealth365.ca to find a list of healthcare options; Telehealth Ontario call for healthcare advice; as well as, when needed, visit the Common Care Center and Emergency Departments. We remember her & # 39; Our community is that the best way of protecting themselves, their friends and loved ones, can be accessed; flu every year. In addition, it is important for your own hands to be washed regularly, stay in the home if you are ill, and remember that you become cough or sneezing for your murder. "

SickKids Hospital

  • "From December 18-31, the average waiting time in the Emergency Department at SickKids for a healthcare provider is 2.7 hours. In general, SickKids see an increase in the number of patients who visits the Emergency Department in December. This number expands beyond the holiday period. These elevations are likely to result in a number of factors such as the frequency of # 39. There are currently viral illnesses and variable access to primary care and can not be given for one reason. "

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