"I want to be honest"


Wednesday, 11/18/2013 13:10 PM (GMT + 7)

A person, holding a knife and his / her; carrying a boy over a year on the roof; screaming. Then he ran away and dropped the child into his hands so that the witnesses could take care of him.

Clip: A person who carries a baby on the top of a lot of hours (Source: Nguyen Quoc Viet)

The event took place at around 10am on November 21. Accordingly, a man with bare skin, holding a boy over a year old, went to the second floor of the house at Kyle 2, Nguyen Thuc Tu Street, Vinh Tan Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An.

On top, it always will shaking, aging: "I want to be honest that people do not give …".

Nguyen Van Trong, a resident in the Dien Chau district, said: "Although the boys are crying, the boy does not let them go, he goes back to her & # 39; top and let it. I also dance.

Accepting the & # 39; top, the person destroys:

Accepting the & # 39; top, the person destroys:

A young man carrying a baby, a & # 39; walk on the roof of the house and then leave the child from his hands

Shortly thereafter, the boy brought the boy to an emergency at his Hospital. The whole thing, many people go back on video, and post it on social network sites.

Many of the witnesses say that the man was ruined and that he was the child.

Having information about the incident, the police and the authorities went directly to the scene.

Subjects were then under the control of police. When you jump to the ground, the item is not badly injured.

In particular boys, when you fall to the ground fortunately to be active people and troops in a long time and so they are not seriously injured, but the child is currently offset; suffering from mind. It is known that someone else is the object to the place for renting accommodation, boys nowadays have milk.

Brutally brutal boy aged 9, who believes suspicious neck and his / her; river jumping

After being gutted a young boy, the thing seems to be; break the knife to cut his neck and then jump down …

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